Timestamp Camera Pro APK v1.234 (MOD Patched)

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Bian Di has created a famous photographic app called Timestamp Camera Pro Apk, which enables users to add stamps on time, location and even map of their pictures. The premium features and pro mod version of the app are free. Today, all high-end smartphones, which are extremely popular for mobile photography, come with embedded high-quality cameras. This has led to the development of various photo editing and camera applications so the user can be creative using these advanced phone camera systems. 

Timestamp Camera Pro APK

An Android app was designed to ensure that temporal and spatial details are not forgotten in images. The application automates the addition of time stamps, location points, and maps on the photos via simple user interfaces. It not only grabs the moment’s image but also the surrounding environment of that moment, making it the most memorable with the help of a Timestamped Camera.

One can use a particular pro-mod version of this app for free as it provides full access to the premium features. However, it opens various high-end manual settings and extensive personalization options usually exclusive to premium members. Timestamp Camera Pro is a perfect example of such apps that have made waves in the market.

About the Timestamp Camera Pro

In 2022, they marked the release of Timestamp Camera Pro, which Chinese creator Bian Di designed. The idea behind this type of app reflects Bian Di’s frustration in figuring out where and when specific pictures were shot and taken.

About the Timestamp Camera Pro

Therefore, Bian Di developed a convenient approach to imputing essential photo metadata by constructing the app onto any modern smartphone’s combined camera and GPS. An additional temporal and spatial context eases that overdone problem where we have fantastic photos yet vague recollections about the occasion.

Pro mod went beyond that, as it is a professional-grade editing option. With constant advancements and optimization by Bian Di, TSP is now among the most powerful and easy-to-use camera apps and photo managers.

Features of Timestamp Camera Pro APK

This amazing Timestamp Camera Pro Apk has features such as.

Timestamp Camera Pro APK

Support For Many Premium Tools

Timestamp Camera Pro Mod does not charge extra to unlock premium camera features. It offers you unique manual controls that are usually found in paid apps. It has alternatives such as changing the video and photo resolution, adjusting the exposure and saturation levels, and fixing timers. The wide choice of incorporated devices ensures complete handling of your broadcast content.

Many Unique Options

The application has the added advantage of having a suite of professional-level editing tools while providing numerous unique customization options. It allows you to customize all available visual styles of timestamps, which can be added to your photos. But you may be able to specify the font, the size of the letters, their color and even the background according to your preferences. It also allows you to arrange and enhance your photo archive in any way you want.

Great Optimization

Even though it has powerful features, The app remains highly optimized. This runs seamlessly, even on mid-range storage capacity phones. This provides for simple access to all its comprehensive features. Regular app updates bring improvements while maintaining smooth performance. You achieve top-notch at full throttle.

Super Easy To Use

TimeStamp Camera Pro comes packed with numerous customizable options and advanced tools delivered in an easy-to-understand interface. This layout provides an easy understanding of the various settings in a simple manner. Basic Android skills can take care of the core app’s functionalities directly on the box. Second, the auto modes add another level of ease because taking amazing pictures while on the go is just a flick away.

Timestamp Camera Pro APK FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

You can use this fantastic application with various capabilities given below to work on Android Devices, and you can use this anywhere and on any phone available.

Is this application Secure to Use?

This will be the most secure application you will ever see.


The Timestamp Camera Pro Mod Apk easily stores photographs’ dates and places. If you want to auto-catalog your pictures with date stamps and geotags and use high-end editor tools for free, go for the Pro Mod version. This makes capturing details of what occurred during those sweet moments more accessible.

Download Timestamp Camera Pro APK v1.234 (MOD Patched)

Download (4MB)

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