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Happeny Technology Pte. developed an outstanding personalization application called Widgetable Mod APK., replacing mundane default widgets. Widgets tailored to authentic self-expression add vigor to phone usage. It uses very plainly designed in-game devices that range over a surprising number of fields plus lacks the depth to hold users’ attention into the night. For smooth communication, effects can be applied with just a simple tap.

With its almost zero learning curve, beginners can pick up the app immediately. The utter ease of use means it is the best-personalized widget toolkit. The app specializes in phone customization based on all kinds of group-build prefab humanizable factors and social messaging strategies. Its wide variety of wacky widgets is intended to use creativity for emotional expression and interpersonal connections.


Add animation to static phone screens with an app widget. Communicate clearly through custom-made devices for virtual pet plants and social links. Forge connections with real-time messaging. Widgetable is an Android personalization app that integrates widgets to change phone screens. It also provides widget-based communications between friends.

About the Widgetable: Adorable Screen

Customize your screen by choosing the desired virtual pets plants or bubbles. Friends can synchronize social widgets and use them as real-time communication aids like distance tracking messages of affection or emotional status sharing.

Widgetable: Adorable Screen

Around widgets for emotional expression, they bring your phone to life with adorable customizations. Simplicity and convenience are fundamental concepts behind its minimally designed devices and interfaces.

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Widgets such as digital pets and plants break monotony to encourage connections. Widgets provide individualized screen-applying or social communicating capabilities for deeper self-expression and friendship. Users can use simple taps to apply screen widgets or sync devices for synced messaging.

Key Features of Widgetable Mod APK

  • Extensive Widget Variety
  • Virtual Co-Parenting
  • Mood Bubbles
  • Plant Cultivation
  • Distance Tracking
  • Affectionate Messaging
  • Emotional Statuses
  • Notes Exchange
  • Privacy Controls

Features of Widgetable Mod APK

This is a fantastic Widgetable Mod APK with various unique capabilities and features.

Widgetable Mod APK

Extensive Widget Variety

Widgets range from virtual pet plants and emotional bubbles to whatever else you can think of for limitless customization.

Virtual Co-Parenting

To engage in activities, you can co-raise virtual pets with friends by sharing caretaking responsibilities.

Mood Bubbles

Use different potion colors to blend into craft bubbles that communicate emotions.

Plant Cultivation

On-screen growth and nurturing of virtual plants for reward & nature interfacing.

Distance Tracking

Between friends represented through distances and real-time physical location tracking.

Affectionate Messaging

Charming notes & messages brighten the recipient’s days and strengthen our bonds.

Emotional Statuses

Post-real-time status updates & virtual hugs as digital support for loved ones.

Notes Exchange

Leave sweet virtual notes on friends ‘home screens and surprise them.

Privacy Controls

Distance-tracking widget functionalities are the only functions that strictly limit location permissions.

Pros and Cons of Widgetable Mod APK


The phone screen turns from suffocating to lively. Vegetable Mod APK spices up phone screens with fun widgets that banish boredom. It also promotes emotional communication and interpersonal closeness.


A possible overemphasis on widget-based communication might impair direct contact. Therefore, widgets may drain device resources.

How to Download Widgetable Mod APK

To download Widgetable Mod APK:

  1. Open the Apkpurew.com website on an Android browser
  2. Search for a Widgetable app
  3. Tap the download link
  4. After the apk is downloaded select open.
  5. When prompted, check to allow installation from unknown sources setting
  6. Complete widgetable APK installation
  7. From the device homepage launch the app

How to Use Widgetable Mod APK

Using Widgetable Mod APK:

  • Explore widgets like pet plants or bubbles
  • Select the widget you want to customize it if necessary
  • Change the phone screen with a widget
  • Alternately, sync devices with your friends to message using social widgets.
  • Engagement is optimal when interacting frequently with widgets
  • When promoted, use enabled permissions for full functionality.

Widgetable Mod APK FAQs

Is this application secure to use on Android Smartphones?

You can use this application on Android Smartphones without facing any problems.

How can I use Widgetable apk?

By following the steps given above.


Mutually widgetable mod apps expand new communication channels with images, text and sound. Its many widgets turn phone screens into a canvas for individually animated dynamism emotionally directed at human expression and social interaction. Get Widgetable to enjoy widget-empowered messaging and enhanced device communications.

Download Widgetable Mod APK v1.6.160 (Premium Unlocked)

Download (80MB)

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