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W-Track : Last Seen Premium APK is a mobile utility for Android and iOS gadgets. It uses numerous place services on a smartphone to the song while someone turned into last active or their tool turned into grew to become on. The app allows admission to contacts and location facts to feature nicely. Keeping track of human beings’ places and understanding after being closely seen may be beneficial in favorable conditions. W-Track can deliver clues as to why they have remained lively.

The W-Track: Last Seen software offers this functionality alongside different functions, making it a reachable tool. There are a few key motives why the W-Track: Last Seen app can be available on hand. First, it lets you peer when your contacts were ultimately active or had their devices turned on primarily based on location facts. This can be helpful to determine if someone may be to be had to talk/textual content or confirm if they noticed your preceding messages.

W-Track : Last Seen

Second, for parents, the app offers visibility into teenagers’ area records and interests. So, if your child has the app set up, you could periodically check if they may be where they said they might be. Finally, while you want to realize a person’s closing whereabouts, the app provides those statistics in pressing conditions. For example, if a person is later located missing.

About the W-Track: Last Seen

W-Track: An app called Last Seen has developed this concept where smartphone users can know the last place they have been and the hobbies they like. It is made possible by accessing integrated location-based services on smartphones such as GPS, wireless networks, and cell towers. Moreover, it checks the record of usage statistics for the date and time when the phones were unlaced or the time the screen displayed turned on. This information gets updated in the heritage as often as it is upheld with its surrounding accessibility allowed.

About the W-Track: Last Seen

After that, the app relocates these pieces of data and maps them to instances of the used cell phone. The W-Track app does this by returning an individual’s last “visible” area when you type them in as one of your list of approved contacts and displaying it visually on a map. This helps show when and where they became active on their gadget.

Therefore, W-Track creates a timeline of human movement about their use of tools over time. W-Track: Moreover, Last Seen is being developed by W-Soft LLC, which specializes in telephonic security software packages for clients. In 2022, the cell app started and received fair recognition, especially for its authentic monitoring abilities, as it went hand in hand with a simple-to-use map interface design.

Features of W-Track: Last Seen APK

Some functions that enable the functionality of W-Track: Last Seen include:

Real-Time Location Tracking

Once their apparatuses are switched on, the map interface will show the current positions of all made decisions till then. This permits live monitoring functionality.

Last Seen Locations

For example, instead of just mentioning where the contact has been the final time they weren’t there anymore, the app also notes down the last discovered location and gives the time stamp when this happened.

Activity Status

W-Track also provides the activity status of a hobby popularity indicator within every touch that shows whether a tool is active or not. Provides the appropriate context more suited.

Map Timeline

This app captures and holds the location record points it acquired over the period. It presents the information as a map timeline, enabling users to explore the vicinity records using the specified date range.

Photo Capture

With a discretionary touch tool camera, W-Track can take and discreetly capture pictures to confirm locations visually. The app uploads these pictures. W/:/.

Profile Reporting

Profile stats, place factors, and device info are built-in reviewers providing printable reports.

Monitoring skills

By leveraging those essential features, W-Track: The Last Seen app provides all kinds of tracking capabilities but is wrapped in a user-friendly mobile application.

W-Track: Last Seen Pro APK FAQs

Does this application Work on IOS and Android?

This works on both Android and IOS.

Can I use this application easily?

You will be able to access the application easily.


In precis, W-Track: Last Seen offers proper cellphone tracking and vicinity monitoring capabilities, making it truthful to see contacts’ remaining known places and tool activity statuses. Understanding someone’s closing device details can offer greater peace of mind, safety, or treasured insights for dad and mom, relationships, or pressing conditions. With an unfastened tier and top-class offering, the W-Track: Last Seen software balances software and accessibility about the cellphone and courting tracking abilities.

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Download (24MB)

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