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Spatial Touch Mod Apk is a handy app for phones and tablets. It was created by the VTouch company. There is the possibility to control other apps on the device with hand gestures that you make without touching the screen. For instance, you can stop to a YouTube video or scroll Instagram by waving your hand in front of the camera. No need to get the screen dirty with your fingers.

Many are annoyed that they must continually tap their phone or tablet screen. Doing this produces undesirable smudges or fingerprints. This product, Spatial Touch, offers a brilliant way to use your device’s camera and AI technology. All you need to do is wave certain hand gestures, and the app will recognize the movement and take the actions you want.

Spatial Touch

It will be like magic when the app translates your hand gestures into taps and swipes in real-time. Whether you want to like a post on social media, please move to the next track or even type from the onscreen keyboard. It allows you to control your phone app hands. It’s like having a touch screen in the sky. This eliminates the need for unnecessary movements and cleansing.

About the Spatial Touch

It is a mobile app that enables hands-free gestural control of your phone or tablet. It utilizes your device’s front-facing camera and machine learning to interpret visual hand motions. The display imitates screen interaction based on the gestures it sees, like tapping, g swiping, scrolling, etc.

Spatial Touch

As another example, the Spatial Touch app sees the downward swipe motion of your hand you made to scroll down the Instagram feed. The translation of this into a downward-scrolling interaction within the Instagram app itself is right there on the spot.

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It works the same way as an actual touch screen, but the movements are the trigger instead of physical contact by hand. This lets us control smartphone-compatible apps like YouTube, Netflix, social feeds, and keyboards without using our hands.

Features of Spatial Touch Mod APK

This fantastic Spatial Touch Mod Apk has various capabilities and must include unique features.

Spatial Touch

App Integration

Built inside popular apps like YouTube, Instagram and Netflix with continuous addition of more integrations. Manage essential actions such as play, pause, scroll, type, swipe, drag, etc.

Gesture Control

Recognizes most common gestures like swiping up/down/left/right, scrolling, tapping, dragging, pinching, rotating, typing, etc.

AI Learning

Spatial Touch has artificial intelligence algorithms that naturally learn and adjust to your hand gestures whenever you use it. This improves recognition accuracy.

Cross Platform

Supported on both iOS and Android operating systems to ensure cross-platform functionality.

Hands-free Use

The core benefit is the absence of screen smudges because of no need to touch your device with your fingers; hence, your gesture to control through.


Features of accessibility that are useful to persons who find it difficult to interact with touchscreens due to some physical ailment like arthritis.Opens app control.

Child Safety

Gesture control mode is available on the handset, vai, and content blocking islable in certain apps. Keeps kids safe.

Simple Setup

Quick and straightforward calibration will train Touch to understand and mimic your natural hand and finger motions. It has been used as a basis for gesture recognition.

In-App Feedback

Release in-app gesture responsiveness feedback to allow developers to make changes and improve motion detection constantly.

How to Download Spatial Touch Mod APK

  1. Open the Browser using your Mobile Phone
  2. To locate the app, search for Spatial Touch Mod APK and click on it.
  3. Click the Download button to install the Spatial Touch App
  4. After installing, open the app to sign up, then input your details.
  5. You can start enjoying live streams or even go live on your own.

Spatial Touch Premium Mod Apk FAQs

How can I download the app easily?

You can download the apk easily by following the simple steps above.

Does this app work on Android?

It does work on Android without any issues.


Spatial Touch brings a new level of control to your mobile device. You can control your mobile device hands-free using AI gesture recognition technology. You can soon enough control many popular apps by waving your hand in the proper motions. It offers a more hygienic and convenient control experience that becoming even smarter and more capable should become even more hygienic and convenient over time.

Download Spatial Touch Mod APK v1.1.6 (Premium Unlocked)

Download (78MB)

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