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SMS Bomber Apk 2023 is a tool that enables anonymous bombing of any phone number, entertaining users by annoying their friends. The app allows sending 200 virtual messages and has been used globally as a fun way to tease loved ones.

The user can send a significant number of copies to any phone number with the ability to set the time, speed, and frequency for the whole set of documents. It is simple, phone-friendly, and has a sending anonymity feature to preserve the user’s anonymity.

SMS Bomber APK

Sm’s Bomber APK has another interesting, funny way to tease friends and family through customizing message details and time. The application is free, virus-free

guarantees anonymity on the sender’s part, thus adding additional mischief.

About the SMS Bomber

SMS Bomber APK is a smartphone application operated via computer servers to send virtual messages to a particular phone number. The application cannot be downloaded on Google Play. However, users can find it on other websites. Installation means activating third-party apps installation and then opening the downloadable file.

This application has a simple interface through which the user can specify the number of messages, the time at which the messages should start to be sent and the period between the notes. This ensures the sender’s identity remains anonymous, allowing for discreet teasing.

The SMS Bomber APK app can send up to 200 duplicates to a selected number at different times, speeds and counts. Also, a user can easily mail a friend without noticing.

Features of SMS Bomber APK

This SMS Bomber app has many features.

User-Friendly Interface

SMS Bomber APK offers an easy-to-use interface for people from different backgrounds and ages. The application is compatible with most mobile devices, making the experience as easy as possible.

Anonymized Sender Information

SMS Bomber APK is well known due to its ability to hide the sender’s identity. This ensures that the users can tease their friends and relatives anonymously, making the experience more entertaining.

Customizable Message Parameters

The system allows for modifying teasing messages depending on the user’s preferences. It is possible to indicate the number of messages, specify the start time, and even set the delay between each message.

Virtual Message Sending

The SMS Bomber app lets individuals send 200 virtual messages to a particular phone number. The latter feature has gone viral globally, making it a funny way to joke with loved ones.

Email Teasing

SMS Bomber APK is also equipped with a teasing email tool that you can use to send emails to your friends. Just one click allows users to launch a flood of playful teases without letting the recipient know anything.

Virus-Free and Safe

Users are confident about downloading and installing Sms Bomber APK because it is a virus-free application that will not damage their phones. This safety guarantee enhances the credibility of the application at large.

Free to Use

The SMS Bomber APK is a free application and can be downloaded freely from third-party sources. This accessibility has led to its popularity in teasing among friends and relatives.


Can I send as many messages as I want?

You will be able to send as many messages as you want.

Does this application work on a PC?

This application works on Android.


SMS Bomber APK is an entertaining way to prank your friends, but don’t overdo it, as it could lead to annoyance or anger among relatives. It is safe to install the application and fun to use in teasing your loved ones.

Download SMS Bomber APK v2.8.6 Download For Android

Download (8MB)

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