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Legit Game Booster apk is a game app that helps optimize your games on Android smartphones and tablets. Legit Tech developers created it to provide mobile gamers with a seamless and lag-free gaming experience on their smartphones and tablets. This app automatically alters settings for your game to produce the best feeling.

The year that this app started to become increasingly popular because of its effectiveness and simplicity. Five million downloads in the Google Play Store and continuous improvement development for new features and updates.

Legit Game Booster

It unlocks resources dedicated to background apps and redirects them to your current game. Thisplayingps avoid frame drops and stutters that can make a gaming experience horrible.

About the Legit Game Booster

Today, I present you this excellent app, Legit Game Booster apk. It’s meant to improve your mobile gameplay by enhancing your phone’s performance. It also tells you about the state of your phone system so you can check its performance.

Legit Game Booster apk

So prepare yourself if you think you cannot beat the player who uses an advanced mobile or gaming phone cause this will make your phone no more different from a gaming phone, so download the app. It enhances the management of the phone’s resources, especially the CPU and RAM; hence, your games load smoothly without lagging.

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Follow the steps below to download this application from Apkpurew.com. Legit Tech commercializes it by selling optional advertisement placements that can be turned off to prevent breaks in usage. They are a group of developers who do their best to make Legit Game Booster Mod the best mobile game optimization tool.

Key Features of Legit Game Booster Mod APK

  • CPU and RAM optimization
  • Automatic configuration changes
  • Resources control and management
  • Displays phone’s system information
  • Tap the Boost button.
  • Lightweight app design
  • CPU temp RAM usage statistics, etc.

Features of Legit Game Booster Mod APK

This is an awesome Legit Game Booster Mod Apk with various capabilities, so the features are below.

Legit Game Booster Mod APK

RAM and ROM Increasor

This is because Legit Game Booster Mod increases your CPU speed and the allocation of your RAM to fit the demands of various games. This rules out lag and games run at full speed.

Automated Resolution

So, there is no need to adjust the settings per game manually. The app helps automatically configure resolution and refresh rate, among other factors, to deliver optimal performance.

Resource Control

The app destroys unnecessary background processes and redirects resources such as mobile data or battery power to the front game. This prevents throttling.

Performance Monitoring

Check your game’s real-time system info, like CPU, GPU usage, RAM allocation, frame rates network data and temperature. Identify any bottlenecks.

Simple User Interface

The app has a simple and user-friendly interface. Get games even more accessible – all without distracting track system of resource allocation.

Lightweight Design

It is also a lightweight app that will not overburden your phone’s resources. It runs silently in the background to enhance the gaming experience.

Pros and Cons of Legit Game Booster APK


It makes games faster and smoother. Prevents lag and stuttering. Optimizes phone’s performance for gaming. Automatically configures settings for each game. Displays pertinent system statistics and details. Completely free to use.


It is highly battery-draining if overused. It should work fine for decent phone specifics. But not all games will profit fully. It may require manual tuning to reach optimal performance.

How to Download Legit Game Booster Premium APK

Want to get a Legit Game Booster Premium Apk for yourself? Here’s how to download it

  1. Open Apkpurew.com 
  2. Search for Legit Game Booster apk
  3. For the app by Legit Tech, tap Download
  4. Wait until the app is fully downloaded.
  5. Tap Boost on the Open app before gaming.

Legit Game Booster Mod APK FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

It does work on Android.

How can I download the application?

By following the steps given above.


The app is a powerful optimization tool that enhances the mobile gaming experience. It can increase the FPS rate considerably, reduce lag significantly and eliminate stuttering by using the following features: automatic configuration coupled with CPU RAM tuning resource control performance monitoring. This app is free, easy to use, and not too resource-intensive on your device.

Download Legit Game Booster APK v1.0 Latest Version 2024

Download (40MB)

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