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Gauthmath Apk is a math-helping mobile app based on GPT-4 that finds step-wise solutions for many mathematical issues. The goal is to help even young students enjoy and understand math. This is a free smartphone app that works on both iOS and Android devices. It employs modern AI referred to as GPT-4 from Anthropic. It will quickly answer any mathematics questions, from arithmetic to calculus, upon providing the typed or scanned question.

The Gauthmath app is helpful for anyone who has difficulty completing a math assignment and verifying solution methods. It is because its elaborate explanation leads to absolute mastery of math. Quizzes that can be configured allow users to practice and see their performance improvement over time. And it’s completely free. Gauthmath uses a customized variant of Anthropic’s Constitutional AI assistant, Chat GPT, for its math problem-solving capability. The Chat GPT app analyses a picture of a typed math problem, applying symbolic reasoning to generate step-by-step work that leads to the final number answer.


Chat GPT exhibits its work, showing how effective solutions for problems should be matched with questions being addressed. Gauthmath is a comparatively young company that has existed since 2020, being established by CEO Luis von Ahn, who is also famous for his innovation within CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA technology. The company will use chat GPT’s math intelligence to boost the confidence levels and improve grades and interests of students in their math classes via tailored, adaptable tips on solving their particular issues with math problems.

About the Gauthmath

Math is one part of education; probably the most significant number of learners detest it. A recent Gauthmath app that capitalizes on great opportunities is Gauthmath, an artificial intelligence-assisted mathematical program that scans problems and gives step-by-step guidance. Gauthmath was constructed on top of Anthropic’s Constitutional AI to ensure that math becomes comprehensible and maybe fun. During this time, the app can change its adaptation depending on the level of mathematics subject has shown a student. Gauthmath has over one million downloads with Chat GPT’s logical perspectives.

About the Gauthmath

One of the famous writing sites is Gauthmath, founded by Luis von Ahn, Iddo Goldenberg, and Eyal Miller and established in 2020. A CAPTCHA mechanism was developed by one of the famous computer scientists, Von Ahn. Von Ahn’s goal is to place the power of making math simple into the hands of students through Gauthmath and its AI called Chat GPT, which utilizes his knowledge of AI interfaces that apply to many users.

Features of Gauthmath APK

There are the following features available.

Features of Gauthmath APK

Intuitive Interface

An intuitive mobile interface through automation lets one quickly scan or type a math problem. They demonstrate each step of the solution by explicitly highlighting each problem-solving step. Through the controls, tutors are also facilitated in making small downloads, emailing, and sending via a web page.

Gamification & Tracking

GauthMath symbolizes the experience by regularly awarding reward points and achievements to an individual using the application. Statistics mirror a person’s goals, strengths, and shortcomings.

Intelligent Math Assistant

Anthropic’s sophisticated Chat-Gpt math expert lies at the core of Gauthmath. Chat GPT has the natural mathematical intuition coupled with symbolic manipulative techniques that successfully solve any problem.

Broad Curriculum Coverage

Gauthmath addresses many math topics that cover elementary school arithmetics into fractional and decimal computation at the high school level and beyond.

Adaptive Learning

When students utilize this application, Gauthmath evaluates initial abilities and comprehension for the questions to be appropriate for every person to develop further. More problems are solved, and Chat GPT offers more challenges to help understand math.

Gauthmath APK FAQs

Can I search for any Mathematical Equation?

You will be able to.

Can I use the application on Android Devices?



With comprehensive aid on math questions, your complex mathematic equations will be easy for you. Gauthmath differentiates itself by leveraging GPT-4 and Chat GPT’s advanced reasoning competencies. Students struggling with or curious about math can get entry to Gauthmath’s great features loose on cell gadgets. It’s a top choice for math help. So, download the application and start using it.

Download Gauthmath APK v1.49.0 (Premium unlocked)

Download (47MB)

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