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Elegant Teleprompter Pro Apk is an app created to help people feel more at ease while talking professionally with different camera settings. This type of autocue application may be helpful to broadcasters. It can also be used in presentation contexts when speaking in public, when the lyrics are read for the musicians and sometimes for speed reading.

The app has one distinct feature whereby users can use it without necessarily closing up other applications on their gadgets. This implies you can pair the Teleprompter with your camera app when recording videos and read the scrolling script as you stream live through channels such as Facebook and Instagram. This floating window is so flexible that you can drag it around or adjust its size.

Elegant Teleprompter Pro

Beautiful TelePrompter gives many incentives to people who require assistance in speaking or presenting. This ensures a fluid text scrolling creation, which you will likely have the luxury of making on your mobile device or importing from your archive. This app is convenient and easy to use by any person wanting to improve their stage show or speech production skills.

About the Elegant Teleprompter Pro

Elegant Teleprompter Pro is an application that behaves like a virtual teleprompter, showing moving texts for support while someone is speaking or performing in front of the camera. The mirror of the text allows it to read from a reflective surface easily. The program will enable users to import text from their personal gadgets’ storage or drive; the application is compatible with remote Bluetooth control. The script’s scrolling speed, text size, line spacing, and width are set according to the user’s needs.

Elegant Teleprompter Pro

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This app also has a “specific settings” option to set unique settings for every script musicians and musicians use. Also, several shortcut keys for different actions and a progress bar that helps easily find one’s position in the text. At the same time, deleting multiple script selections from the text is quite simple.

Feature of Elegant Teleprompter Pro APK

The Features This Elegant Teleprompter Pro APK provides you are given below.

Elegant Teleprompter Pro APK

Mirror Text

Mirror Text refers to displaying text on the Teleprompter so it can be read when reflected on a glass screen.

Import Text

Importing text from device storage or drive makes accessing and utilizing pre-existing scripts or materials accessible for users.

Bluetooth Remote Support

Elegant Teleprompter supports Bluetooth remote controls that enable controlling the scrolling of the text remotely for additional convenience and flexibility.

Adjustable Scrolling Speed

One can scroll the text at varied speeds. Here, users can select an appropriate rate for their communication based on how quickly they speak or read.

Adjustable Text Size

Users can adjust the fonts’ size based on individual reading distance.

Adjustable Line Spacing

The scrolling script enables people to increase the hand’s size to enhance clarity and ease of reading.

Adjustable Script Width

Also, one can increase the size of the scrolling script to fit different screens and tastes easily.

Focus on the Center of the Script

They are increasing awareness of the text in the center, known as a focus-on-center feature.

Assign Shortcut Keys

The design allows users to set up shortcuts that they can use to complete any routine operations in the app with minimum effort and time loss.

Progress Bar

An elegant Teleprompter has a progress bar through which one can ascertain his position concerning the text of the speech and move from one place to another at will.

Default Application for .txt Files

It is possible to adjust the preferences and set Elegant Teleprompter as a default program for opening .txt files. Users will not be interrupted while working with text records while downloading from the Internet or local disk.

Elegant Teleprompter Pro Mod APK FAQs

Is this application safe to use?

Yes, This application is entirely safe to use.

Can I use this application as much as I like?

Trust me, you can.


Elegant Teleprompter is an effective app that assists one not to be nervous while speaking on camera or at any other public event. This app provides much functionality for broadcasters, singers, and anyone who likes a fast-reading experience.

Download Elegant Teleprompter Pro APK v3.32 (Mod Unlocked)

Download (3MB)

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