Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod APK v0.5 (Unlimited money)

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Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod Apk is the second version of a motorcycle racing game for Android that improved on its predecessor by adding new bikes and sounds with more customization opportunities. Its realistic graphics and audio make you feel as if you are riding. Easily controlled with access to unlocked content, it’s fun for any fan to try out dream bikes.

Moto Throttle 2 is available for free download with Ads. 4 It is compatible with Android phones and tablets with the operating system 4.1 or later version installed. The app is more minor than 10MB. Downloading and viewing ads requires an internet connection. A motorcycle enthusiast who does not want to spend lots of money on various models can enjoy all the thrills through Moto Throttle 2.

Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod Apk

Moto Throttle 2 is a motorcycle racing game for Android. Touchscreen controls allow you to accelerate, brake, and steer bikes on various terrains. As the car accelerates, the engine becomes louder. Unlock new bikes with unique sounds and performance by earning credits. Share replays, too. Realistic engine sounds and easy can make you feel like you are hitting tracks and trails.

About the Moto Throttle 2 Plus

If you dream of jumping on the open road on a growling motorcycle but can’t afford different bikes, MotoThrottle 2 gives you the feeling without mechanical cost and maintenance. 2X Motor Cross is a worthy sequel of the loved portable racing Moto Throttle 2 Plus game with twice as many bikes that are simulated using realistic physics and real recorded exhaust audio to make you feel like you are on it.

Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod Apk

Modify the performance parts and appearance to make your perfect ride. Compete and gain credits to upgrade your growing collection of bikes in the garage. The casual and severe biking enthusiasts who can quickly pick up crack controls and easily unlock content or test run dream bikes without any charges shall all have a gala time in this free-to-play mobile game.

Key Features Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod APK

  • Physics-based bike handling
  • Realistic bike sound effects
  • Garage of collectible bikes
  • Customizable performance upgrades and styling
  • Credit-earning racing challenges
  • Global leaderboards

Features Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod APK

This is an excellent motorcycle, Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod Apk, that people of any age can enjoy. So go ahead and see the features given below.

Moto Throttle 2 Plus

Authentic Bike Physics

individual power band weight distribution and handling fine-tuned to accuracy for different uses of each bike. You can sense the difference between a cruiser rounding off a dirt bend and raw acceleration on asphalt by an Inline Four superbike.

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Sounds Recorded from Real Bikes

For unmatched realism, the developers took actual exhaust and engine noises from bike models for your device’s speakers in the game. You may not be whizzing by at 100+ mph, but the sensory stimulation somewhat kicks your pulse.

Realistic Bike Physics

All the bike models present exclusive power delivery weight distribution. Handling and traction are tuned to precision on surfaces of dirt, asphalt, etc. Press into turns, handle wheelies, and experience the suspension’s compression, like riding in the world.

Sounds Sampled from Actual Bikes

The featured motorcycle model’s exhaust notes were recorded at different RPM ranges. The audio is so accurate that it perfectly captures throttle response and rumbling idle up to roaring redline that you feel like you are astride these machines when you close your eyes.

Expanding Garage of Bikes

Start by having a few styles of bikes, from choppers and bobbers to hyperbikes and dirt balls. Many more are offered as you earn credits by doing tricks while riding.

Customization Suite

Many aesthetic modifications like bodywork exhausts and liveries await you to apply your style. Add gear ratio tweaks, brake biases and improvements to parts such as air filters, pistons or camshafts, rounding out an already highly individualized performance.

How to Download Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod APK

  1. Open the website.
  2. Search for Moto Throttle 2
  3. Tap Download
  4. So you have downloaded Open Moto Throttle 2.

Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod APK FAQs

What is the best way to download this website?

By Visiting

Is this application safe?

This is a Play Store Varified Application.


Be it a superbike dreamer or an offroad enthusiast, Moto Throttle 2 provides motorcycle-loving folks with real-life portable playgrounds for their passions that are free of cost. Compare your credit achievements and times against friends or the global rider community—Twenty-four credits in an hour to the farthest distance covered on a bike within different brackets. Compete in focused challenges, too.

Download Moto Throttle 2 Plus Mod APK v0.5 (Unlimited money)

Download (9MB)

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