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My Candy Love APK is a well-known mobile romance simulation game with many female fans. In an interactive visual novel, players create a character that joins a new high school and dates some handsome male classmates.

Each game is constructed on captivating story arcs that carry over confrontations, intrigue and heart-tingling relationships, fueling emotional investment. As you find your crush, impact key narrative decision points leading to multiple endings. Unlock gorgeous Manga-style imagery that completes story episodes.

My Candy Love - Episode

The app is based on a popular web game from France adapted for YouTube purposes and made with extra short stories and games set up, especially for smartphones. Dating antics are addicting due to timed challenges and quests with prizes. School social scenes are rich in drama and teenage crushes.

About the My Candy Love

My Candy Love is the game that romanticizes secret high school crushes by sharing episodic story content that combines romance and drama. Players control a custom female protagonist who starts attending a new school and encounters attractive boys with different personalities.

My Candy Love Apk

As you enter tense social situations, choose dialogue and narrative options that steer relationships toward favorable resolutions. Completing episodes styled after visual novels and daily mini-game challenges rewards you with scenes that reveal parts of emotionally charged manga artwork. Even buying outfits changes story reactions to immerse more profoundly in the plot.

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304 rollercoaster emotional investment as relationships ebb flow and culminate in time-gated stories spanning weeks of accurate timing. Five million My Candy Loves have been downloaded between iOS and Android. The free mobile game offers in-app purchases to unlock episodic content faster.

My Candy Love Offers

  • Deep storylines with multiple endings
  • Influence outcomes through critical choices
  • Collect beautiful character artwork
  • 5-minute play sessions

Features of My Candy Love APK

You must be a Romantic person. If you found this application, you can understand the My Candy Love Apk a bit more, so read the features below.

My Candy Love APK 2024

Branching Episodic Story Arcs

Making decisions throughout visual novel-style narrative episodes that branch based on your choices is the heart of My Candy Love. Choose dialogue and actions influencing your relationships towards routes with various potential outcomes. Emotional investment is built through standard story arcs across affection levels on the rise and fall.

Manga-Inspired Character Art

Daily completion of goals and chapters in playtime, giving beautiful manga-style character artwork, is an opportunity to open up backstories and motivations of your crush’s interests.

High School Social Mini Games

Fun mini-games replicating high school situations, such as taking tests, making speeches and dressing up, complement the main story chapters—these short play cycles, along with coins for buying hints and art unlocking, are Daily challenges that promote repeated visits and habit development.

Time-Gated Story Delivery

Instead of gorging at a limited tale, new episodes from stories and interactions between characters are gradually released every real-world week to inspire suspense. Argument problems usually create cliffhangers and make sure you anticipate the following chapters with a desire to know what will happen.

Key Features of My Candy Love APK

  • My Candy Love has
  • Branching visual novel episodes
  • High school romance plotlines
  • Manga-style character art
  • Daily mini-game challenges
  • Multiple possible endings
  • Custom dress-up outfits
  • Timed story delivery

Pros and Cons of My Candy Love APK


It was an emotionally gripping plot. Beautiful artwork prizes. Fun, quick play cycles. High replay value. Feel-good romances.


Limits free content. Episodic wait times. Female MC only. Shallow mini-games. Shares user data.

How to Download My Candy Love APK

To install My Candy Love

  1. Open Browser and open Apkpurew. com 
  2. Search My Candy Love
  3. Tap Download to download
  4. Allow requested app permissions
  5. Wait for episodes to buffer
  6. Enjoy cutesy high school romance

My Candy Love APK FAQs

Is My Candy Love APK safe to use?

Google Play Store verifies this application, so feel free to use the app.

How can I download My Candy Love APK?

You can easily download the app by following the steps given above.


My Candy Love gamifies stalking secret school crushes in episodic visual novel stories that combine evocative manga art, emotionally rich branching narratives and addictive mini-game loops. The routes guide relationships with irresistible male classmates through socially tense situations that unlock multiple endings. Or deep investment in outcomes translates to rollercoaster feelings as affection fluctuates through time-gated fiction that takes weeks for pages. This French web phenomenon makes moving from computers to smartphones easy in an endless, lovely atmosphere.

Download My Candy Love APK v4.31.1 Download for Android

Download (90MB)

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