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App Name Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D Apk
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Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D Apk is the next step to escape into a colorful world to nurture your virtual kitten. In this simulation, players can own an adorable kitten visit a busy city and experience everything that comes with being a parent to a cat.

Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D APK

In addition, customizable options are present to make each cat distinct. Minigames allow opportunities for eir prowess while a sprawling area is awaiting exploration. This brings amusement with simple excitement in it. The best thing is that you don’t have to deal with litter boxes. I downloaded this for anyone looking for cute and feel-good experiences.

About the Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D

Play Fun Games introduced Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D, a new version of the famous Little Cat mobile game in 2022. The new title offers highly sophisticated 3D graphics that take the cat’s personalization further than ever.

Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D

So far over two million people have downloaded various games under the Little Cat brands. According to the developer, its affection towards animals and promotion of responsible pet care are vital sources of inspiration in its work. Play Fun Games is a small indie team focusing solely on the Little Cat series, hoping to improve visuals and gameplay to increase realism and pleasure in future releases.

Features of Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D APK

This unique Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D Apk is made with a unique mindset because the game is different from other games. While games want you to learn violence, this game will help you fall in love with Animals. This includes features such as.

Features of Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D APK

Customizable Cats & Accessories

Players can create unique kittens with unlimited possibilities to match the fur pattern breed collars and toys. You get new items unlocked at each level.

Explorable 3D City

Explore streets, gardens shops and animal shelters filled with awe-provoking sounds and views responding in reaction to your kitten. Discover hidden surprises everywhere!

Mini Games

Pause in between playing to engage in arcade-style minigames. This will help your cat develop hunting abilities such as catching rats climbing on pipes, knocking down piñatas, etc. for special rewards.

NPC Characters

Bond with human and pet non-player characters throughout the city through animated dialogues and indirectly driven quests where you lead a playful kitten.

Realistic Cat Animations

You can see the best of contemporary physics walking purrs and it sounds like your cat is the real-life tupik from brushing through to the starting from the high noise.

Feline Needs System

Give your kitten access to healthy foods, love rest and playtimes so that its requirements in those directions are balanced through many activities you might do on or away from the house basis.

Feline Needs System

Augmented Reality Mode

It combines gaming with reality, whereby your cat can detect and play with surrounding objects. Supports camera feed sharing.

The way of Downloading Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D APK

Adopt a precious virtual kitten in just minutes by following these steps:

  • Go to your on an Android device.
  • This means searching for “Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D”.
  • Tap Download/Install to download
  • Open up the app directly from your home screen after you have installed it and are ready.
  • Grants the necessary app permissions and access.
  • Name your starter kitten.

Take a look at your neighborhood through your kitten’s eyes. Now you are good to go. Enjoy being a lost kitten who has to find his house no matter what.

Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D APK FAQs

Does this application work on Android? If yes, how can I download it?

Yes, This application is available on Android and you can download it by following the steps above.

Is this game 3D?

Yes, This is the 3D Version of Little Cat Kitty Big City.


Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D provides simple, free fun for gamers on their mobiles and animal lovers looking to raise an adorable pet. Similarly, you will keep growing attached as the kitty grows and is exposed to her countless things and mysteries within a busy 3D town. Download Little Cat Kitty with free regular app updates from the developer Play Fun Games, promising even more down the road and start on a non-stop playful journey.

Download Little Cat Kitty Big City 3D APK Download for Android

Download (128MB)

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