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EX ASTRIS Apk is made by a new developer GRYPHLINE. You are the team captain for this game and go to the space. You have to select Exosuits robots with different powers. Having a team strategy is a significant thing to win major battles.

The game involves a story in which humans live in a space station. Rogue robots can be downright vile, so you better deal with them. As a commander, you accumulate exosuits and you get them trained. Grab level two upgrades for your robots to get better strikes. Cooperate with fellow players and overcome the challenges of large robot bosses.

EX Astris

I have always been a fan of sci-fi. Fighting in space with robots sounds super cool. You get to learn how to make plans and work as a team member. This virtual life is not accurate, but it is a good teacher. Children, as well as adults, can play this game.

About the EX Astris

You chose 3 robots that fight with other players or computers. The hero is armed with laser missiles or a healing machine. Divide the combat rounds among you. Gain rewards to revamp bots. Learn Vocabulary from the Text. Get a more demanding boss while advancing in the game. Continue to build your robot army and assemble the best gear to be the worst in the universe.

EX Astris

The graphics design looks thrilling, with robot characters and space as a backdrop. See intense laser beams and fireworks bursting with flames in fight scenes—more than 100 robots to discover, offering a diversity of styles to all. New Exo suits will be available at special events. Find the correct words to complete the sentence. 

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This is a game with fantastic features. It allows them to learn concepts like how to solve problems, work in a team, and think strategically. Robots are no longer just a part of the media we consume but a physical extension of our lives. The graphics prove to be excellent on any user device. 

Features of EX Astris APK

This excellent EX Astris app has features such as those given below.

EX Astris

Masterplan Each Move

In a battle, every player alternates by moving robots on the grid. Maneuver to strike and evade attacks. Compare the robot’s abilities and time each particular skill carefully. Outsmart the opponent to gain advantages.

Serious Combats

Fights have a choice of robot movement and skill selection, which must be timed correctly. The strategies comprise encircling blocking and healing at the right time. Tactical superiority outweighs brute force and yields desired results.

Seamless Combos

Sometimes the robot skills can be combined to create a potent attack. Figure out the timing of quick sieges into straight-forward killing. Coordinate super-effective combos between robot pairs that will make you rock and roll.

Team Advantage

Robots with different roles can perform their tasks optimally when they work together. Healers rally on the soldiers who protect tanks. Try out different kinds of teams, air-ground for example. Get synced with the robot allies in terms of skills.

How to Download EX Astris APK

  1. Open any browser available on your mobile phone, just like Google Chrome.
  2. Open the website called Apkpurew.com.
  3. Search for ex astris apk
  4. Select the one you want to download 
  5. Install it and you will be able to use it

EX Astris App FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

It does work on Android.

What is the best website to download the application?

Apkpurew.com is the best website.


Ex Astris is a game where you play the person responsible for training a team of robot heroes. Both kids and grownups have fun battling in space online or against the computer. It allows you to learn from the experience and create scenarios that involve you being a robot commander. I firmly believe that many players will be glad to add to their collections of exosuits and engage in the battles of this thrilling game.

Download EX Astris APK 1.0.3 Download Mobile Game for Android

Download (1GB)

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