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It can be hard to stay connected when you’re on the move and Wi-Fi is only sometimes there. But WiFi Map gives the best answer: an extensive shared list of public passwords and millions of hotspots worldwide. Now, fast internet is readily available wherever you go. WiFi Map Mod Apk makes maps available without the internet and lets you bypass blocked content. 

WiFi Map

The app helps you connect to the internet easily with simple tools that show open networks near your location. Make friends by telling others about new places and secret codes. If connections seem suspicious, use the built-in VPN for extra protection. With no ads experience from our mod.

WiFi Map puts a strong internet on your hand from buses to far-off villages. Let it help your busy life with the kindness of other users who want to give everyone access. This helps expand your connection so you can always use the digital world.

About the WiFi Map®: Internet, eSIM, VPN

WiFi Map lets you use an extensive list of public Wi-FI passwords and hotspots found by people. Look for nearby connections, add new hotspots and use a safe VPN to browse privately. WiFi Map®: Internet, eSIM, VPN app helps people who can’t get internet by giving more than 100 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. This way, they stay connected wherever they go. No matter where you are, the interactive map makes finding and getting close to hotspots easy.

WiFi Map®: Internet, eSIM, VPN

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Even better, WiFi Map supports building community by sharing. With new hotspots and passwords, the worldwide resource becomes bigger. You also help other users more by doing this. The connections work both ways. Give your home Wi-Fi details today and tomorrow; you might find a life-saving link shared by another user while traveling.

Even protection is improved through being together as the built-in VPN hides identities and important details across open networks. Together, the things that stopped good internet go away with this tool. Many people use it to help each other. Everyone can use resources when they are given to each other. So join the global effort and open doors for yourself and others using an essential password gift. In the end, aiding one assists many when using WiFi maps.

Reasons To Use WiFi Map Mod APK

When traveling or outside, quickly use WiFi Map to find and join free public internet. This helps avoid expensive mobile data charges. Share new places to help others and look secretly with the built-in VPN.

WiFi Map Mod APK

What is a WiFi Map And How Does It Work?

WiFi Map is an app with shared passwords for public Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. It shows where the hotspots are so users can quickly look for nearby connections. You go to a hotspot, use the password, and get on the internet. People can add hotspots and passwords to make this shared information list bigger. A VPN in an app makes security stronger.

Features of WiFi Map Premium Mod APK

It has a lot of amazing things, but WiFi Map Premium Mod APK has some features given below.

WiFi Map Premium

Massive Global Network

More than 100 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide promise you can stay connected anywhere anytime.

Share Connections

People can add their home networks or public hotspots to grow an extensive shared database made by everyone in the community.

VPN Protection

Use a secret and safe internet service on shared networks to hide your information with the built-in VPN tool.

Pros and Cons of WiFi Map Mod APK


Crowdsourced hotspots provide internet anywhere—a simple map to explore local links. Increase your resources by spreading out to new hotspots. The built-in VPN improves browsing privacy and safety.


Requires proximity to hotspot location—limited VPN data on the free version. I am buying extra stuff inside an app.

How to Download WiFi Map Pro Mod APK

  1. Visit the WiFi Map mod APK website.
  2. Go down and tap the “Download” button.
  3. Allow third-party app installs if asked to do so.
  4. Follow the instructions to install the WiFi Map MOD APK.

WiFi Map Mod APK FAQs

Does this app work on Android?

It does work on Android.

Is this app safe?

This is an entirely safe application.


With many hotspots worldwide, WiFi Map gives what’s needed for stable internet when moving. Made by communities, these connections let you discover new things quickly. They also work without the internet and offer better access for everyone when people share their use. No matter where the path takes, you stay connected to today’s world with this essential app.

Download WiFi Map Mod APK v7.5.2 (Pro Unlocked) Download

Download (70MB)

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