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Google Camera Apk is an advanced camera APK. It is a high-end camera application developed by Google for the Pixel phones. It packs advanced photography features such as enhanced HDR+ portrait mode night sight and more to produce sharp photos and videos. Originally developed only for Pixel phones, the app is now available thanks to developer ports on many Android devices.

This powerful camera software is designed to take advantage of the potential in your smartphone’s actual camera hardware and remove limitations on its built-in phone app. This will examine what makes the app special, its most notable features, why they’re suitable for photography on your phone, and how you can download and use this app.

Google Camera

Google Camera Apk is a camera application leveraging state-of-the-art computational photography technology. It takes several pictures in a burst and combines them into one optimally processed image. The hardware capabilities of most smartphone cameras are insufficient to handle details, colors, lighting, and other such elements. Complex algorithms correct these deficiencies.

About the Gooogle Camera

The Google Camera APK goes back to 2014 with the introduction of it for Nexus devices. Later, Google made it the flagship smartphone camera software pre-installed on all Pixel phones. The app incorporates Pixel’s camera hardware and sophisticated software processing to achieve remarkable photographs. This mode is called HDR+ and stacks multiple pictures at different exposures to solve problems with mobile photography, such as over or under-exposed areas, poor detail in shadows or highlights and incorrect colors.

Google Camera

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HDR+ takes photos quickly, one after another, and then smartly combines them to ensure that shadows and highlights balance even as the noise level is reduced. It rebuilds detailed data and color information through computational algorithms. With every new Pixel phone release, there are additional optimizations to the camera software. Complex algorithms help smartphone cameras overcome hardware limitations by enhancing detail-saturated color and lighting, to name a few.

Using a stream of images instead of just one shot cleans out visual noise, sharpens textures and stills motions, and delivers superior quality far above what the camera hardware alone can. The results speak for themselves in stunningly detailed landscape shots, professional bokeh effects and well-balanced low-light images. A unique selling point for this camera app is its exclusive HDR+ feature.

Features of Google Camera APK

It includes competent features, so you should take a look at them.

HDR+ Enhanced

It’s an upgraded version of the HDR+ feature on Google Camera. It employs several bursts of up to 15 underexposed photos. It combines them with cutting-edge algorithms into one image with an unprecedented dynamic range of vibrant colors, sharp detailing and low noise. Mixed lighting and shadows are perfectly balanced in scenes.

Night Sight

It is specially designed for low-light and night photography. Using 10-15 images composited together, Night Sight brings out things lost in darkness. Cityscapes and landscapes present breathtaking clarity. Flash is unnecessary and no tripod either. It can grab stationary and handheld low-light shots very cleanly.

Portrait Mode

To artistically highlight subjects, Portrait Mode mimics the background blur of professional cameras. So, by employing machine learning and the depth data from dual cameras, it can pinpoint precisely what constitutes the subject to be separated from the background. This synthetic bokeh effect can be adjusted after capture for excellent portrait shots.

Motion Autofocus

Goodbye, Zoom Burst. Hunting out moving kids or pets was a smartphone photo camera hassle, but not anymore. AI constantly follows moving subjects and automatically focuses on the subject without requiring tapping or refocusing—no more spoiled photos because of motion blur.

Pros and Cons of Google Camera APK


Unlocks the full potential of your smartphone’s camera for breathtaking photos. Improves image quality radically on older devices. An intuitive interface with both auto and manual controls. Free to download and use. An active development community continually releases new ports.


It only works fully on specific device models. However, facilities such as Photobooth require special camera equipment. It’s more unstable than built-in camera apps. It takes a bit of fine-tuning with settings for optimum results.

Google Camera APK FAQs

But which Google Cam port should I download?

You should download it based on your phone system.

Won’t the Google Camera drain my phone battery faster?

There is no proof of it till now.


The Google Camera APK unleashes the potential of pro photography in your Android. When computational photography unleashes its power by adding cutting-edge HDR low light portrait and stabilization algorithms to your phone’s camera hardware, it wildly outstrips stock camera apps. Thanks to developer ports, nearly anyone can use this DSLR image optimization software. But you can dramatically improve the quality of your smartphone snapshots by downloading a version of GCam compatible with your phone.

Download Google Camera APK v9.2 Download (GCam APK)

Download (120MB)

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