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Infinity Blade Apk is one of the most successful fighting game apps. A considerable number of people all over the world like to play it on their phones. In the game, you fight different kinds of enemies with weapons like the sword. Upgrading character and guns are some of the ways to become stronger.

The game was one of the early examples of what high-quality gaming looks like on the phone. Before its launch, most phone games were not of high quality. The makers have put much effort into making the fight and graphics as accurate as possible. In addition, they polished the controls to be comfortable even on a small screen. This allowed the game to be very successful.

Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade was one of the first games that made other people think it was an actual video game you would play on other systems. It had an extensive plot line and varied levels to compete with. In the beginning, it was a mobile game and it had several contents and excellent graphics. The number of people who started playing games on phones increased with what Infinity Blade could do.

About the Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade is one of the most successful fighting game apps. A lot of people play it on their phones around the world. The game allows you to fight different enemies with swords, weapons, and so on. You can choose to enhance your character and weapons to be more powerful.

The game was one of the early games to perform well visually and in terms of gameplay on mobile phones. Before its release, most phone games were not as good in graphics. The film producers did their best to make the graphics and the fights look real. They also made the controls simple to use on a small screen. This made it the most played game.

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Infinity Blade was one of the first games that had an actual video game feel like those on other platforms. It is a big one with a story to follow and different levels to challenge yourself. When the game was mobile, it had vast content and was stunning. Many people began playing games on their phones due to the way games could be used.

Features of Infinity Blade APK

This is one of the most impressive applications, so feel free to enjoy its fantastic features.

Infinity Blade APK

Combat System

The combat employs swipe controls on the screen to strike, defend or dodge enemies. Proper timing is of great importance.


You loot money and items from battling and use that money to buy new sword armor and upgrades to make your warrior stronger.

Beautiful Graphics

We have the best graphics among the mobile games in 2010, featuring very realistic character models and environments.

Challenging Fights

You will encounter giant and tricky boss monsters that you must kill with tactics and their powerful attack patterns.

Branching Story

However, the main story is you fighting God King, but the side quests are optional and play the story differently.

Branching Story


Between the significant battles, you explore some places where you can discover hidden treasures, quests, and rare armor.


You can create a uniquely looking warrior by equipping many armor parts, swords, and accessories.

Realistic Sounds

The sound effect intensifies the sword fighting, creating the same feeling as if you were fighting for real with the clash of metal and heavy impacts.

Pros and Cons of Infinity Blade APK


Stunning visuals for a mobile game with smooth animation. Very polished and satisfying melee fighting.


It can become too tricky without upgrades late in each game. Some touchscreen controls take adjustment.

How to Download Infinity Blade APK

To install and download this fantastic application

  1. Open a browser and go to website.
  2. Search for Infinity Blade APK
  3. Select the Infinity Blade APK
  4. Tap to download
  5. Find the app’s icon on your home screen and click it.

Infinity Blade APK FAQs

How can I download the app?

By following the app given above.

Does this application provide safety?

It is a Secure application.


Infinity Blade showed the way for what mobile games can do with its great graphics and vibrant gameplay. It set a new standard for quality in mobile fighting games. Although it is old now, it is still a classic for any fan of action-adventure or smooth melee action. New and experienced people can enjoy its rewarding missions and skillful battles.

Download Infinity Blade Apk Free v2.0.5 Download for Android

Download (194MB)

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