Fastwin Mod APK (Color Prediction) Latest Version 2024

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App Name Fastwin Mod APK
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Version 11.13
MOD Info Color Prediction, Fast Farity


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Fastwin Mod APK Play to Win is a mobile mini-game application with dozens of quick 30–second challenges based on number-tapping proficiency, perceptive vision and speed reflexes. Rounds have straightforward goals such as fast tapping of the screen to score high memorizing and picking patterns or timed taps.

Packed with one-touch controls, vividly colored sprites and catchy sounds, the micro games offer mini gameplay shots while on the move. The game allows users to play different challenges or time-limited events with rewards redeemed for power-ups. Regularly playing to beat high scores is promoted through point totals and leaderboard rankings.

Fastwin Mod APK (Color Prediction, Fast Farity) Download

The game remains free, but optional video ads incentivize bonuses and currency. With cheerful mini-rounds and feel-good wins-oriented gameplay, Fast Win makes failure irrelevant due to quick resets that ensure the fun never stops.

About the Fastwin App

They are fed up with complicated console-like mobile games that take forever to advance. Fastwin Play to Win provides a quick form of entertainment where casual gamers can get their fix-in-the-moment immunity and dopamine rushes lasting only seconds during mini-game bursts.

Fastwin App

Up to its name, Fast Win delivers compulsive mini-games built upon speedy number clicking, careful pattern recognition, or precise timing. Having average gameplay that spans less than 30 seconds per round serves out those sweet wins more frequently than competitive match multiplayer battle royales or construct-based strategy games.

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Fast Win, a game by Indian game publisher Abhishek Studio, often hailed for minimalist games with millions of downloads, is even simpler as it offers miniature challenges, one-touch controls, and cute sound effects that can turn losing equally entertaining. Mechanically equipped with a colorful, flashy arcade design but devoid of vivid graphics, Fast Win Play to Win is perfect for wasting time or enjoying brief breaks that endure RAPID satisfaction.

Features of Fastwin Mod APK

This amazing Fastwin Mod APK has many features, so I have to introduce a few features listed below.

Fastwin Mod APK

30-Second Micro Games

Memory and reflex challenges in every tapping session take only 30 seconds, thus leading to quick repayment.

One Touch Controls

The whole game, from navigation to playing the gaming actions, uses natural single tap or touch gestures.

Cute Art & Sounds

Bright colors, funny little figures and cheerful music produce a gay ambiance.

Power Up Unlocks

Receive coins by playing and then purchase boosters that temporarily increase abilities.

Power Up Unlocks

Global Leaderboards

Compare mini-game scores globally or with friends due to the seamless profile integration.

Limited Events

Particular seasonal paths lead to winning rare customization rewards and receiving achievement awards.

Pros and Cons of Fast Win Mod APK


It’s a perfect trim, entertaining burst to kill minutes. Attractive low poly graphics are smooth even on most gadgets. Simple controls for everyone without unnecessary complexity of mechanics. Short micro-game timespans ensure quick wins. Leaderboards cover a broader skill spectrum that is not limited to experts.


It gets boring after extended gameplay sessions. Forced video ads disrupt the revenue model. Microtransaction elements feel unnecessary. Types of games are restricted in comparison to full-featured mobile titles.

How to Download Fastwin Mod APK

Follow these steps to install Fast Win Play to Win

  1. Open the browser and Go to
  2. Search Fast Win Play to Win
  3. Download and Open the game
  4. Allow requested app permissions

Fastwin Hack APK FAQs

Does this app work on Android?

Does it work on Android?

Can I use this application anytime?

You will be able to use this application anytime.


With Fast Win Play to win, Abhishek Studio captures gaming excitement by selling fast wins in a flash. However, it is perfect for on-the-go sessions as its laughing visuals and cute frills take away failure’s bitter taste. Quick restarts give these players infinite micro-game wins regardless of their skill levels. It is more likely complicated console-like games stress you. Fast Win is an ideal alternative that offers compact, playful gameplay to enjoy during breaks at work or in free time.

Download Fastwin Mod APK (Color Prediction) Latest Version 2024

Download (2MB)

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