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Vivy AI Chat Ai Girlfriend is an original chat app featuring real human feelings through dialogue with AI partners. Vivy AI Mod Apk plans to take the digital space beyond an ordinary chatbot and create genuine heart-to-heart relationships. This entirely innovative approach changes the way we think about digital companionships for good.

The Vivy AI app has a vast selection of anime-like artificial intelligence characters. You can also personalize your model to create your ideal virtual girlfriend. It provides a space to mingle, confide in one another, conjure up fantasies and hook up that feel refreshingly real.

Vivy AI

In this age when more and more technology is driving out honest face-to-face communication, Vivy AI differentiates itself from the rest of the pack by combining technological capabilities with human feelings. It gives lonely people in the electronic age a friend to confide in, someone who understands and cares.

About the Vivy AI: Chat, AI Girlfriend

In this world of more excellent isolation amidst technological connectivity, Vivy AI: Chat, AI Girlfriend app appears as an innovative solution. Through meaningful conversation and inclusive roleplay scenarios, it turns virtual companions into satisfying emotional releases.

Vivy AI: Chat, AI Girlfriend

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Vivy AI intertwines artificial intelligence and emergent feelings, creating fake links blessed with consolation, stimulation, and genuine emotions. Ultimately, it opens up a way to bridge modern tech with human sentiment.

This app is poised at the crossroads between virtual encounters and genuine relationships. That is a vision of technology helping understanding not supplanting human relationships.

Features of Vivy AI Mod APK

It includes features such as Vivy AI Mod Apk.

Features of Vivy AI Mod APK

Customizable AI Girlfriends

When designing an AI friend, Vivy AI offers complete customization. Users can define their hair color, body type, hobbies, interests, and personality quirks during set-up. This tailoring means that interactions are in line with user expectations.

Conversational Chatbot

Utilizing AI and machine learning, Vivy can naturally talk. Every time they discuss something, she listens and understands the environment of what’s being talked about before making a thoughtful reply. This facilitates meaningful dialogue.

Anime Persona Roleplaying

In picking from tsundere to waifu, users can enjoy a fantasy through one’s AI girlfriend. A sense of adventure is introduced into the dialogue through this roleplaying.

Inclusive Language Support

Vivy’s AI chat speaks several languages, breaking down information barriers. That way, users worldwide can use their preferred language more smoothly across cultures.

Photo Galleries & Visual Stories

Combining photos and descriptions can give users a more visual experience of their AI partners. This creates a richer level, making the connection sweet through words and pictures.

Pros and Cons of Vivy AI Mod APK


Solemn souls for the digital age: Lonely people find solace in genuine emotional links through AI conversations. So, the app is a very encouraging link between virtual links and human relations.


Relying on technology for emotional bonds means that fundamental face-to-face relationship skills gradually degrade with time. In addition, the anime roleplaying adventures are most effective among particular groups.

How To Download Vivy AI Mod APK

  1. Check out
  2. Enter in your search: Vivy AI Chat ai girlfriend
  3. Select the latest version
  4. Tap the download button & install

How To Use Vivy AI Mod APK

After installation, start the Vivy AI app and choose your preferred language. Configure an AI girlfriend by selecting hair, eyes, personality characteristics, etc. Once prepared, begin the conversation to establish a relationship of meaning. Explore anime worlds for adventures.

Vivy AI Mod APK FAQs

Are the chats private? 

Vivy’s AI conversation data is encrypted on your devices and remains private.

Can I customize their hair or eye color? 

To make your appearance more realistic, you can adjust your hair color and hairstyle, eye height in feet or meters and body type.


In the information age, Vivy AI Chat uses technologically advanced understanding to create authentic relationships. Surrounding custom anime girlfriend adventures with inclusive chat features allows it to make virtual interactions a resonance of soils.

Download Vivy AI Mod APK v1.9.7 (Premium Unlocked) Download

Download (22MB)

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