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It is an Application used when a call comes to your phone. You don’t have to pick up the call because Raise to Answer Apk will do it. You have to pick up your phone and take it to your ear, and the app will pick up the mobile phone for you. It will engage in a voice conversation with the caller using text-to-speech technology.

You can listen to the caller, but they can only hear Claude’s computer voice. This is useful when you receive a call while your hands are occupied, at work or driving the car and if you prefer talking to others indirectly. With Raise To Answer, there should be no awkward silence waiting for you to speak. It manages the call with a virtual assistant.

Raise To Answer

After the initial greeting, Claude can respond to basic questions from a caller or redirect them to leave a voice message. When a message is voicemail, you receive an alert and can return the call. This hands-free call answering enables you to screen and control calls without lifting the phone. It is a unique feature that other AI assistant apps do not have. The answering of the call completes the app’s ability to respond verbally to questions.

About the Raise to Answer

You do not have to press anything when a call comes on your phone. Grab your phone and hold it to your head as usual. In that case, the Raise To Answer app will answer your call and say Hello, Claude speaking. The app was one of the first to respond with AI-spoken questions. You say it out loud, and the app will give you a response from the voice assistant.

Raise To Answer apk

The app is a new mobile application that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions and can even take phone calls. Raise To Answer, developed by entrepreneur Sylvia van Os, is an attempt to offer a convenient, hands-free approach to information and call management. The app records questions, finds answers online and voices back to you.

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Moreover, Raise To Answer has a novel calling function. To answer a call, you do not have to press any buttons. Just lift the phone to your ear and it will pick up after a few beeps. This allows you to screen calls without using your hands when occupied.

Key Features of Raise to Answer APK

  • Voice recognition transcribes spoken questions
  • Interpretation of questions using natural language processing
  • The answer engine searches the web for appropriate answers.
  • The animated avatar provides answers in a natural voice.
  • Automatically answer calls by lifting the phone to the ear.

Features of Raise to Answer APK

This is a fantastic Raise to Answer APK with many features, so some are given below.

Raise to Answer APK

Raise to Answer

Raise To Answer is a mobile app that uses AI to answer spoken questions and handle calls. Here are more details 

Asking Questions

To inquire, tap the microphone and say your question. Raise To Answer converts it into text and summarizes the answer from online sources using a voice assistant.

No touching

For calls, lift the phone to your ear when it rings without pressing any buttons. Raise To Answer listens for the phone proximity, then responds with a few beeps and greets the caller on your behalf hands-free.

Call Answering Feature

When a call comes, pick up the phone to your ear as usual. The app answers calls after several beeps by detecting the phone’s proximity. You don’t have to shout at the caller because a voice assistant greets her.

How To Download Raise to Answer APK

To Download Raise To Answer Apk

  1. On your Mobile Phone, open the Browser.
  2. Go to Apkpurew.com website
  3. Search for an app and choose the app.
  4. Tap the Download button
  5. Look for the Raise To Answer icon and launch the app

Raise to Answer App FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

It does work on Android Devices.

How can I download the app?

You can download the app by following the instructions given above.


Raise To Answer ensures hands-free information accessibility and call management through AI. Its capacity to answer voice questions and block calls eliminates the button pressing. With the development of this technology, the app has the potential to become even smoother and more practical.

Download Raise to Answer APK for Android – Free Download

Download (2MB)

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