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Project Makeover mod Apk is a Makeover Application. The game might work as a substitute for those who love makeup but can’t afford all the required makeup sets or have no one to practice with makeup. For example, there are many makeup games. Some of these are pretty unique, like the game, which has a superb user interface and lots of activities to play for free.

Project Makeover

The app is the perfect game for people who are really into makeup and other beauty-related things. Aside from their makeup, players are also able to select the clothing, hairstyle as well as accessories that they may desire to enhance their favorite characters already existing as part of the game; the players should be creative and always make it look different when they create a look for their figures.

Project Makeover has different tasks that players need to conquer. The obstacles include coping with famous fashion-conscious celebs whose fashion sense is sensitive and very particular and cunning assistants trying to displace the players’ standing. Stubborn customers often punctuate The game’s drama, increasing its play value.

About the Project Makeover

Fashion puzzles are also incorporated within the Project Makeover Apk as they are one of the exciting features. Various symbols appear on the screen, like tiles in a table, and players have to solve a game of match-3 by sliding and linking at least three signs of similar types. This ensures that players collect coins and get additional props for their characters. The players can use explosive bombs to clear more marks in a blink of an eye.

About the Project Makeover

The game Project Makeover enables users to obtain funds through quizzes, changing their dull and poor-looking characters into stylish and glamorous ones. This means that players may be able to change their character’s hairstyle, makeup, lipstick, eyeshadows and powders as well as the different types of footwear and bag packs for accessorization. Another point about the game is that players can buy furniture to renovate their character’s living space and turn it from chaos and disorder to a luxury apartment.

The game has an avatar creation option, which enables a person to attract the attention of other individuals and earn prestigious ratings. Changing an avatar often depicts a player’s fashion sense and helps them become famous in the game. The avatars can also act as learning tools for other players while creating opportunities for friendship among people. The players can move into one another’s cubicles or flats, where they can share dressing tips and the latest fashions.

Features of Project Makeover APK

It has features like those below, so read them of Project Makeover Apk.

Features of Project Makeover APK

Makeup and Fashion Activities

Project Makeover presents different makeup and fashion options, including dressing up for a day, picking out a hairstyle and choosing jewelry. It allows players to design creatively, making the gaming characters appear adorable and attractive. 

Challenging Gameplay

The game makes people face various difficulties, such as dealing with arrogant celebrities and conniving assistants who become a barrier for users searching for the ideal look. These challenges increase the enthusiasm and substance involved in the gameplay.

Fashion-themed Puzzles

Match-three puzzles using symbol tiles as match elements are combined in Project Makeover. The player must fit three matched symbols to finish the jigsaws and win coins. Incorporating this characteristic adds an entertaining and fascinating factor to the game besides providing fashion awareness for the players.

Customization Options

Players will be able to customize their characters extensively. They have different options for hairstyles and oils, including stick eye color and powder. Also, additional accessories, such as shoes and handbags, allow for more customization in making a fashion statement with their characters.

Room Decoration

Besides customizing how they look, the players should also be able to dress up and spruce up their characters’ houses. Players should buy various styled chairs cabinets and shelves to convert dirty rooms into splendid apartments.

Social Interaction

It allows users to access all other players’ rooms and apartments, promoting communication among gamers. This enables players to link, brainstorm and share information on dressing ideas and clothing fashions.


Project Makeover comes up with an interactive and captivating game. Players can show off their taste for fashion in addition to the exciting arcade playing experience that it offers. This game combines the thrill of makeup and fashion with playing and is an excellent option for individuals needing the two aspects.


However, it should be noted that individual tastes might differ from player to player, and some might not care much about specific features. Also similar to any other game one needs to set aside enough amount of personal time or they may become addicted to it.

Project Makeover APK FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

Yes, This application works on Android.

Can I use all Makeup Tools?

Yes, You can use all Makeup Tools


The players get to make a character avatar of themselves, which makes them individualize and take part in some ranking on the game. Switching into different avatars occasionally reveals a lot about players’ sense of fashion. Besides, they can easily catch up with what their peers are doing and form new relationships.

Download Project Makeover Mod APK v2.86.1 (Unlimited money)

Download (404MB)

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