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Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK is a new smartphone software specially designed for Androids that allows people to develop and create exciting digital avatars. It extends the usual avatar creators, providing an art playground where one takes creative thoughts and translates them into stunning works of art or sculptures.

Avatarly AI Profile Maker

It has AI abilities that can convert plain descriptions into art style-based avatars, such as oil painting, hyper-realistic and cyberpunk aesthetics. The app also features an upgraded Face Lab where users can see their previous and predicted looks. The latest update added a personalization feature with a specific Pet and a Couple of Avatar options.

About Avatarly AI Profile Maker

A user presents something like a pet, a couple or a symbolic representation of himself to other participants. Using countless art techniques, AI in Avatarly creates digital avatar interpretations of the original description. Advanced Face Lab is another innovation that is used to scan old images, showing what might have been or could become at different times using selfies.

About Avatarly AI Profile Maker

The avatars convert user inputs and stylize them in a creative manner using AI technology. The features of facial recognition include, among other examples, renderings of selfies in various artistic styles and projected photos. It is a platform that gives you limitless opportunities for digital thinking.

Reasons To Use Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK

The limitless creative opportunities, such as different art styles, allow people to create tailored-made avatars with Avatarly. One can virtually portray your partner’s loved ones and possibly even babies’ faces of tomorrow. You can use it in social media profiles or create fancy ideas.

Key Features of Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK

Key features include:

  • Generating Avators Using AI Descriptions
  • Oil paintings to cyberpunk – diverse artistic styles.
  • Past/future facial predictions with Face Lab.
  • Facial recognition software for pet avatar creator.
  • Digital representations of couple avatar designer.
  • Enhanced experience through upgraded Pro version.
  • Pro avatar design templates.
  • Downloadable works without watermarks.

Features of Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK

Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK is an Android-based app that helps people develop and share custom-made digital avatars. Facial recognition and Artificial Intelligence turn simple descriptions this user gives into attractive avatars.

Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK

Core Capabilities

AI-Powered Avatar Generator

AI in the app can understand descriptive and personalized preference inputs made by users for customized meanings of avatars in various artistic approaches.

Facial Recognition and Rendering

Avatarly’s Face Lab helps digitally render the face by scanning selfies and showing looks or makeup styles from diverse periods. These include previous as well as possible future ones.

Customizable Features

Artistic Style Options

Avatar design allows users to explore alternative aesthetic styles such as oil paintings, anime illustrations, cyberpunk, etc. There are endless art options.

Creative Backgrounds

Avatarly provides additional backgrounds, ranging from amazing landscapes to abstract patterns that can be overlain on the avatars.

Accessories and Stickers

Personalizing add-ons such as glasses, hats, hair and decorated stickers would go well.

Digital Pet Avatars

Unlike other apps, the app can recognize Pet faces, allowing users to create avatars for pets with as much creative liberty as when creating oneself as the avatar.

Couple Avatars

Another way they can approach it would be to explain, as a team, how the individual Avatarely makes a pair of their personalized ‘digital relationship’ avatars.

Premium Capabilities

Ad-Free Interface

This enhanced package offers a nonstop, commercial-free space for creativity. For those seeking an improved experience, Avatarly offers a Pro version with additional perks.

Pro Design Templates

More professional templates are available, which allow them to access higher quality inspiration and ultimately better stunning designs.

Watermark-Free Downloads

The final avatar of a user can be downloaded without any watermark or trademark signs by such users.


Avatar presents digital artistry in a way that is easily accessible and lets people make unique avatars. One does not need to have advanced artistic skills or design experience. With an interface that is easy to use and AI-generation capability, you can browse many aesthetic possibilities while making minor adjustments and observing your descriptions come to life. Avatar, therefore, makes it fun to create avatars for your personal profiles, gaming environments, or just for the fun of it.


An exciting and distinctive avatar can be a good move when upgrading your online presence across different platforms and social sites. However, the right avatar stays with someone and allows you to express yourself visually. Avatarly helps you avoid the standard boring premade avatars. Such an app lets you represent your unique individuality with custom-made designs. With diverse art styles to choose from, your online personal could stand out with unique avatars that reflect your good taste.

Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK FAQs

Can I download the latest version from Apkpurew.com?

You will be able to download the latest version from Apkpurew.com

Does this application work on IOS?

A different version is available for IOS


Avatar Maker for Android gives millions of design possibilities to create outstanding personalized avatars for social media and the internet. The free app has immense creative potential, while the Pro version is ad-free and more sophisticated.

Download Avatarly AI Profile Maker APK v1.1.7 (Paid for Free)

Download (108MB)

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