Stickman Ninja Mod APK v5.3 (Unlimited Money, No Skill CD)

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Stickman Ninja Mod Apk is an excellent combat game where players pick up the famous ninjas from Naruto. In three teams, they try out different jutsu and attacks in 3v3 battles. The play is quite simple but offers an intense strategy. Competitors must develop their characters and master additional jutsus to defeat enemies.

The game itself is mouth-watering, with essential tapping controls. The animation looks just fine even though it is represented in the style of 2D graphs. In the game, there are a bunch of fighters inspired by popular shinobi in the anime. Players often become ninjas that animate their minds to protect their village.

Stickman Ninja

Purposefully, the game events are frequent, meaning more powers and rare ninjas to collect. Daily rewards also attract people and make them wish they would return. Even demanding but casual gamers can equally enjoy Stick Man Ninja’s endless ninja battles.

About Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle

Stickman Ninja, a free-to-play game, is available for mobile. Over 10 million players have boarded since its official release made by PhanGia. PhanGia is the developer of this game. Two-dimensional pixel art will depict actual characters from the original Naruto. Open-world PvP combat is the actual presentation of global competition.

Stickman Ninja

One can feel part of a scene by acting out anime fights with one’s favorite characters. Easy controls allow a jump-in. Most upgrades provide the power to shinobi, which is constantly renewed. Dungeon running and hardcore PvP on a three vs. 3 team tests your strategic skills. We also offer a daily reward feature to bring long-term value.

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Players create a three-person cell of ninjas en bloc. In the heat of combat, the characters’ jutsus crack through opponents like a poked hole. Earn XP to uplift your stamina and jutsu ports. Generate rare ninjas by doing quests and events. Web store rolls out better gear faster. Victories buy credits for incredibly mighty minions for the next Battle.

Features of Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle Mod Apk

This is one of the most amazing Stickman Ninja Mod Apk, so enjoy its fantastic features.

Stickman Ninja

Naruto Sasuke and Kakashi

Choose to play as the legendary anime characters. With more than 30 playable Naruto characters, each has unique jutsus and powers.

Fantastic Fights 

A simple tapping system allows players to perform awesome ninja jutsus. High combo potential with each character having special abilities.

Powerful Characters

Over time, we can recruit some of the rarest ninjas, like the 9 Tailed Beasts. Permanent updates by quest raid event and arena PvP.

Tailed Beasts

The tailed beasts’ tails can be captured to increase power in Battle. Compete for the top of the leaderboards to get respect and great flair rewards.

Race to Became Powerful

Powered by quests and raids, ninjas will become stronger. Only the missions with limited-time awards have the opportunity to win rare prizes like exclusive ninjas.

Save Your Village

Continue the story mode in the familiar Naruto universe. Convenient upgrades and introduction of new characters through in-game purchases.


3v3 team plays against global players in multiple game modes. Do the missions to level up, gather loot, and hire more ninjas.

Pros and Cons of Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle Mod Apk


The fun-tapping combat system is a faithful Naruto franchise recreation. Daily rewards kept it engaging. Easy to play in short sessions.


It requires the internet to enjoy PvP, and ads are available. Repetitive missions after a while.

How to Download Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle Mod Apk

To install and download this fantastic application

  1. Open a browser and go to website.
  2. Search for Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle Mod Apk
  3. Select the Stickman Ninja Game
  4. Tap to download
  5. Find the app’s icon on your home screen and click it.

Stickman Ninja – 3v3 Battle Mod Apk FAQs

How can I download the app?

By following the app given above.

Does this application provide safety?

It is a Secure application.


In Conclusion, Stickman Ninja is an anime action-packed game that uses simplified tapping controls. Its Ninja events and new ninjas make it enjoyable and entertaining for all fans. Both PvP and PvE activities are essential for the sustainability of motivation. Even if repeated, this title is impressively recreated for mobile to become our favorite franchise moments.

Download Stickman Ninja Mod APK v5.3 (Unlimited Money, No Skill CD)

Download (184MB)

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