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Geometry Dash 2.205 APK is the greatly awaited newest version of the highly successful rhythm-based platform game Geometry Dash. Geometry Dash was an immediate hit when it first arrived for mobile devices in 2013, garnering a massive rush of gamers enraptured by its simple gameplay and excellent soundtrack. It has since developed into something out there for the world to experience.

Over eight years since Geometry Dash was first released, it still has the same level of interest and players willing to pay for new content. Finally, after 6 years of prayers from the Geometry Dash community that have gone unanswered, version 2.2 is coming out this November and begins in a few days. The game’s addicting formula is expected to be sped up a notch or two with new features, customization and unannounced surprises.

Geometry Dash 2.2

The game is the next stage of that app. For fans of rhythm gaming or platforming games, it is an already exceptional mobile experience taken to even greater heights by gamer dedication over time. This shows that Geometry Dash is still an unconquerable landmark in mobile gaming. With even more enthusiasm, it can now receive old gamers and new ones who come to explore its colorful realms of movement, sound and physical challenge.

About the Geometry Dash 2.205

Geometry Dash 2.205 APK is a comprehensive content update for Geometry Dash, the rhythm action-platformer mobile game. This adds accomplishments, editing functionality, and audio-visual enhancements designed to enrich gamers’ experiences by increasing the variety of challenges faced.

Geometry Dash 2.2

At the game’s heart, the game retains much of what makes this series unique. It offers players a stage-based experience where they tap and navigate vehicle forms such as cubes or ships through obstacle courses that sprawl out across angles with jumps portals trailing lines of physics bodies behind them, etc., to get over dangerous environments. The classes are played to the game’s pounding electronic music.

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This formula is expanded in version 2.2 with additions. One of them is Dash, a ferociously intense gauntlet that tests the player’s reflexes and Swing, emphasizing piloting skill and strategy rather than speed or power. The new editing tools open the possibilities for creation to an even greater degree. Players also discover unique collectibles and secret objects, which offer even more reasons for trying levels with different conditions.

Features of Geometry Dash 2.205 APK

There are tests of different levels, so it has to have several Geometry Dash 2.205 APK features.

Geometry Dash 2.2 APK

New Level “Dash”

With version 2.2 comes the uncompromising Dash level, which gives players a real challenge and tests how fast they can think on their feet with rapid-fire challenges, asking them to clear every jump in perfect time.

New Game Mode “Swing”

The new Swing mode, full of challenges in rapidly casting off swing sequences and circular movements mixed with quick changes in direction mid-swing, puts platforming skills into the background role for a head scratcher’s challenge requiring concentration.

4 New Platformer Stages

2.2 doubles down on the platforming framework, adding four levels focusing entirely on jump-intensive obstacle courses devoid of gameplay gimmicks to please hardcore purists.

13000+ New Sound Effects

The 2.2 audio library expansion adds over 13000 new sound effects to further create the feeling of immersion in your footage, from chilled-out ambient noises to boosts and impacts, making every jump, Swing, or crash feel dramatic.

Particle Editor

The new Particle Editor adds fuel to this fire, allowing designers to customize exquisitely lifelike visual effects such as fireworks or bright auroras and spells for use in levels.

How to Download Geometry Dash 2.205 APK

Follow these steps to install Geometry Dash 2.2:

  1. Open
  2. Search “Geometry Dash”
  3. RobTop Games’ Tap Geometry Dash
  4. Tap Install and Accept Permissions
  5. Now Enjoy game

Geometry Dash APK FAQs

What’s the update on getting 2.3?

The application will notify you when the new version is available.

Should I buy the 2.2 update?

No, You don’t need to buy 2.2. Just follow the steps given above.


This is the story of Geometry Dash 2.2 APK, a long-awaited return to space for this rhythmic platformer that hasn’t seen new content in six years and boasts more mind-bending challenges than ever! Whether expert newcomers or seasoned veterans, both will relish the exciting challenges and creative expressive opportunities this phenomenal upgrade makes available.

Download Geometry Dash 2.205 APK Download (Unlimited money)

Download (162MB)

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