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Fluxus Executor Apk is a performance toolkit for mobile gaming professionals. It improves popular games via an overlay interface with macro recording gesture controls, junk removal, and valuable utilities. Fluxus seeks to address the rising demand for a one-stop shop high-performance tuning toolkit focusing on enabling mobile gamers to enjoy their games more fully.

Its main highlight is an advanced macro creator that records pinpoint touch coordinates action sequences and accuracy timing to facilitate complex in-game commands and combos via a simple one-click implementation. Such macros triggered using overlay buttons enable flawless execution due to poor manual input during many enthusiastic gaming sessions.

Fluxus Executor

The app also has controller-style button overlays as standalone inputs control processes such as closing background applications and connectivity monitors to pinpoint problems blocking gameplay. The custom utility can be assigned to favorite games.

About the Fluxus Executor

As mobile gaming boomed, players strove for anything that would give them a competitive edge. This insatiable appetite for marginal gains has fed the demand with so-called gaming-centric smartphone apps offering precisely that. Fluxus Executor, a toolkit from developer Arnou Labs that aims to achieve the status of a Swiss Army knife for mobile gamers, comes with some of the most advanced tuning utilities under one roof.

Fluxus Executor apk

This is not just a one-dimensional app that provides additional mappable buttons to enhance gaming performance; it is a multi-feature. The suite of its banner, the advanced macro creation powered by touch gesture recognition with timing presets feature, enables configuring such complex commands to receive those split-second benefits. Macro-based gear and combat ability chains are made easy, thus enabling one to concentrate correctly on war consciousness.

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Fluxus also provides valuable management tools such as clearing the garbage, controlling permissions and monitoring data traffic. Frequent updates imply growing utility, which confirms the developer’s long-term dedicatedness. It seems that Fluxus Executor can easily fit into the arsenal of any mobile severe gamer.

Features of Fluxus Executor APK

You can see many features in this fantastic Fluxus Executor Apk, so it has some of the most essential features below.

Fluxus Executor APK

Macro Recorder & Overlay Buttons

The main feature is the macro recorder, which allows the programming of complex sequential actions using timed touch inputs. 

Multi-App Background Management

Fluxus offers app management options, including allocating resources and force-stopping background apps while actively gaming.

In-game gestures and Touch Mapping

By using the overlay interface, gamers can define custom tap and touch gestures for specific spots on the screen matching a game’s user interface in play. Such actions include menu or map navigation execution commands that work faster.

Game Data Traffic Monitoring

Fluxus gives real-time data monitoring of information sent and received between the games, where it identifies spikes or abnormalities. This enables tracking connectivity issues presented as high latency or frequently dropped connections to support troubleshooting.

Residual File Cleanup Tools

After uninstalling games, vast quantities of temporary and residual junk files from app caches occupy quite a lot of space.

Pros and Cons of Fluxus Executor APK


Macro recorder helps in the automation of complex fighting techniques. Overlay buttons offer extra reachable input controls. Gesture control allows for faster in-game actions. Data traffic monitors help in identifying latency issues. Removing junk residual files frees up storage space.


It is not easy to learn the multi-touch macros. It is restricting benefits only to gaming contexts. The iOS version is yet to be developed. It can be very resource-hungry on lower-end devices.

How to Download Fluxus Executor Mod APK

Follow these easy steps to use Fluxus

  1. Launch Browser on Android
  2. Go to Apkpurew.com Website
  3. Search for Fluxus to Get the App
  4. Grant the overlay display permissions

Fluxus Executor App FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

You will be able to use this application on Android Devices.

Can I use this application anytime?

You will be able to use this application anytime.


As the mobile games industry becomes more competitive, any tool that gives an unfair advantage is sought after. Those utilities are provided for severe gamers by Fluxus Executor in a unified interface. However, especially the sophisticated macro creation abilities allow executing tactics considered almost impossible to achieve manually. While still pretty young in this lifecycle, Fluxus seems successful in the future, providing an opportunity to move mobile gamers’ limits.

Download Fluxus Executor APK v8 Download (Latest Version)

Download (14MB)

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