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Family Life Mod Apk is a family simulation game unlike any other. This game provides a rare occasion to understand what family is and what you must do in the future. The player can be the protagonist and start a family-friendly journey. The game has you being the life from childhood to old age.

At each phase, you will be confronted with critical choices that can make or ruin your life or that of your loved ones. It is a way to have fun and learn different aspects of being a virtual family caregiver simultaneously. The game also gives you some important life lessons like management of finance education of children’s career development, etc.

Family Life

You can start with less ambitious goals, such as getting an education and a job and then proceed to the next level, like marriage, having children or buying a house. It is fascinating when the kids also grow up and you will be able to tell their lives and the virtual family tree will expand to a large, happy family.

About the Family Life

Family Life is a realistic family simulation that closely reflects the world’s daily events. When you play games, your vision of the roles of family members gets wider. It is the only game that delivers the family values and principles deeply rooted in Indian tradition and culture to the casual gamers’ world.

Family Life

The game is initiated by the profile creation of your character with the details on name, gender, education level, and so on. After that, You are placed in a joint family setting, including parents, spouse, and children. You will face decisions affecting your employment, education, money, family, and other issues every game session.

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You may have to decide between a career path and taking up a job, which is another example. Your choice of profession will be based on the outcome of the game and it will decide your career salary. You must make and store money to pay for expenses at home and school fees buying property, among other expenditures.

Key Features of Family Life Mod APK

  • Educational purpose 
  • Responsibilities for financial planning goal
  • Experience different life events

Features of Family Life Mod APK

This is one of the most amazing Family Life Mod apps of this time, so you should know how unique the features will be. There are some features given below, so make sure to read them. 

Family Life

Career Options

There are many vast choices like do, actors, engineers, business people, etc. Your job growth is directly dependent on your educational qualification.

Family Relations

Learn to deal with situations where marital, parental in-law and child relationships are affected by your actions as time passes. Engaging and imparting education through family values experience.

Financial Management

Make a salary, pay bills, save for distant goals like children’s marriage and purchase real estate. Replayability means every next game you play will have different outcomes because of your choices and skills.

Life Events

The player will get married, have children and watch them grow- this is part of the game. Such events are seen in some Indian families of the middle class that are familiar to the audience.


Options for investment in real estate could be opening or buying your own business, which could also be a source of income. Suited to all age groups, including kids, youths and older adults.

Education System

Decide on either a high school or community college and assist the kids with their career decisions. Makes one look back and think about the value of financial discipline.

Retirement Planning

So that you can have enough to live on after your character has left the job, you must save. Experience living in the joint families that usually comprise the events common to the Indian families.


Be thrilled to discover your multiple-generation digital family tree will be growing play-by-play. Perfect game for family time where one can play along with all in the family and learn simultaneously.

How to Download Family Life Mod APK

  1. Open the Browser on your Phone and Go to
  2. After Opening a Search for family life mod apk
  3. Select the version you like to download
  4. Now click on download to download the application
  5. All the now enjoy the game

Family Life Game FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

It does work on Android.

What are the features of this app?

You can read the features from the paragraph given above.


I highly recommend Family Life, an excellent casual simulation game that creates an immersive environment of being different family members and playing their roles. With the combination of entertaining and teaching life lessons, especially for the youth and children, it is an invaluable tool for the young generation.

Download Family Life Mod APK v1.0.41 (Unlimited Money)

Download (80MB)

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