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Xiaomi’s official Mi Home app makes handling all your Xiaomi Home APK very simple. Users can even program their lamps, vacuum cleaners and many other goods produced by the Company “Xiaomi.” Finally, “Xiaomi” offers a large choice of different interests. You must create an account to use the Mi Home app fully. Luckily, it will take only 10 seconds to launch from the Mi Home app or your Facebook account profile for convenience. After you make this arrangement, you only need to press another button and it picks all the nearby Xiaomi gadgets. 

Xiaomi Home APK

After, you only need to set up each one separately. My home has benefitted from the Xiomis robot vacuum. It effectively moves through spaces, thus cleaning the most minor obscure places. It has an intuitively designed app interface, which allows you to control and schedule the vacuum. It has an excellent battery time, making a continuous cleaning session possible before rechargeable becomes necessary. This advantage is for those who like quiet settings and minimal noise volumes. Very happy with the purchase. It is an incredible feature that makes this application even greater.

About the Hi Home

Mi Home is a mobile Xiaomi Home APK created by Xiaomi to control and monitor its smart home products. It runs on both Android and iOS platforms. Mi Home allows one to manage different Xiaomi intelligent apparatuses such as bright lamps, smart speaker systems, smart plugs, brilliant heating apparatuses, intelligent cameras and others. To use Mi Home, one must have an account and add their Xiaomi smart devices to the app. When you add your devices, you can command them from any location, set automation, and monitor their status utilizing the Mi Home app.

Xiaomi Home APK 2023

Mi Home is a way of controlling many devices connected to the same WIFI as you. After connection, the app contains the device’s functions and settings. You can switch your bright lights on or off, change the lighting in your intelligent bulbs, or set the heat using Mi Home. Mi Home also has several capabilities for establishing smart home automation. For instance, you could develop intelligent automation that allows your bright lights to turn on as you get home or your smart TV to shut down when you retire. Similarly, you can create scenes; these are groups of automation that can run with just a single touch.

Features of Mi Home APK

The following features of this application are as follows:-

Smart Device Connections

However, Mi Home connects with various Xiaomi bright items such as smart speakers, plugs, and intelligent lights. You can also scan a device’s QR code or serial number to add it to Mi Home. Adding the device will enable you to assign a name to it and assign it to its respective room.

Features of Mi Home APK

Linkage Control

You can use the Linkage Control option to program the device(s) to react to specific conditions in this way. For example, you may design automation that switches on an intelligent lamp in the evening after reaching an office or shuts off one smart TV when you lie down. Choose the output device you want to activate based on the control condition for the Linkage Control automation. Delay, too, can be specified in your automation, like all other settings.

Customize as You Wish

The app can be personalized in Mi Home. For instance, it is possible to arrange a different list of devices on the main screen, group multiple devices, and create a button for any automation. 

Device Sharing

Using Xiaomi Cloud, you can share your Xiaomi smart devices with other people and control other people’s Xiaomi smart devices. Click “Share” on a particular device from the Mi Home app to begin sharing it. After that, you can send the device to a contact or create a QR code that your peer scans.

Mi Home APK 2023

Remote Access

With an internet service, you can control your Xiaomi smart devices anywhere. Start the Mi Home app and log into your account to achieve this. Then, you get to see and command all the connected devices simultaneously.

Mi Home APK FAQs

Does this application work on non-Xiomi Phones?


Can I download it for free?

Of course.


In general, Mi Home, an app for controlling and monitoring different Xiaomi smart devices in smart homes, has proved effective and flexible. It is easily user-friendly and provides numerous options for making your home intelligent, making it a good choice for anyone interested.

Download Xiaomi Home APK v9.4.505 Download for Android

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