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UKG Pro Classic APK is a flexible and integrated solution that offers a linked people experience, allowing you to manage the entire employee lifecycle from a single platform. UKG integrates the power of HR, Talent, payroll and time to create a tailored, people-centered experience that eliminates busy work.

It boosts efficiency and assists you in maintaining compliance. UKG stands for Ultimate Kronos Group and is a leading provider of Human Capital Management (HCM), payroll, Human resources (HR), Service Delivery and workforce management solutions that help the organization derive better business outcomes.

UKG Pro Classic APK

Improve Human Resources Effectiveness and work with a more connected experience for everyone. Scheduling branch staff is a complex, time-consuming task that directly impacts your service and earnings. Not enough people working during high-traffic hours? The account holder’s experience suffers. Too many people working during slow periods? You’re paying employees to stand around and wait for work. As your financial institution strives to balance account holder service with operational efficiency, you need a more effective way to put the right staff member in the right place at the right time. 

About the UKG Pro Classic

UKGTM (Ultimate Kronos Group) scheduling solutions, part of the UKG for Banking solution, take the guesswork out of organizing frontline staff and other employees at your retail locations. Designed specifically for banks and credit unions, this easy-to-use software enables you to effectively schedule staff based on forecasted traffic levels at each branch while considering individual employee skills and availability. 

UKG Pro Classic APK 2023

The solution’s powerful performance analytics analyze your monthly transaction data and forecast account holder traffic, helping you create schedules with an optimal mix of full-time and part-time employees. With the right employees staffing your branches throughout the day, your financial institution is better equipped to achieve workforce optimization goals and meet or exceed account holder service demands. 

Features of UKG Pro Classic APK

Take into account each employee’s skills and availability 

Managing your employees’ availability and skill sets is critical for effective branch scheduling. UKG scheduling solutions make it simple to create employee profiles that put all this vital information at your fingertips. Ready access to employee profile data streamlines schedule creation and simplifies cross-utilization and reallocation of resources within the branch. Use this intuitive feature to:

• Manage when employees are and are not — available to work 

• Select the maximum number of days or hours an individual can work 

• Assign individual staff members to specific branch locations based on particular skills, such as bilingualism or mortgage lending expertise

Easily create and edit effective branch schedules

 Save valuable time when creating and managing branch schedules. UKG scheduling solutions automate and streamline the schedule creation process so you spend less time rearranging employee schedules and more time improving the account holder experience. If an employee calls in sick or has a last-minute vacation request, the robust drag-and-drop schedule editor makes it easy to adjust the schedule accordingly. You get instant visibility into the impact of schedule changes, enabling you to take steps to maximize branch efficiency and service. 

Features of UKG Pro Classic APK

Make better staffing decisions with in-depth business intelligence

Start scheduling branch employees based on data-driven intelligence instead of educated guesses. UKG scheduling solutions’ sophisticated performance analytics tools provide actionable insights based on historical and real-time data to drive more effective staffing decisions.

The software analyses your monthly transaction data and forecasts account holder traffic to help you schedule the optimal mix of full-time and part-time employees throughout the day. With the right employees working in the right place and time, your branches are better positioned to meet workforce optimization goals and provide an exceptional service experience for account holders. 

Schedule employees based on traditional or universal agent models 

Whether your branch follows a traditional lobby model, a universal associate model, or a mix of both, UKG scheduling solutions adapt quickly to meet your specific operational requirements. Create fair, equitable rotations for less desirable shifts or tasks to improve employee engagement and boost morale—cross-utilize employees within a branch to optimize service. Schedule downtime responsibilities to individual staff members to improve productivity. Manage floating staff members and fill schedule gaps on the fly to keep units operating smoothly and efficiently. 

UKG Pro Classic APK FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

Yes, this application has been verified by the Google Play Store.

Can I use this application for any work? 

Yes. This will help you.


Create optimal schedules that align staff mix with account holder traffic patterns at your branches. Accurately determine how to handle attrition by replacing staff with full-time or part-time employees or not at all based on actual need. Control labor costs by creating schedules based on accurate forecasts that minimize excess staffing. Improve employee engagement by scheduling fair rotations for less desirable shifts or tasks. Boost productivity by identifying idle time and redirecting staff to more meaningful jobs. 

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