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Muslim Pro Apk is a famous Islamic mobile application developed for Muslims to assist them daily. It presents capabilities like prayer instances, a Qibla route, an Islamic calendar, the Holy Quran with translations and transliterations, a Quran library and tasbih/dhikr counters. The app aims to be an all-in-one resource for Muslims to stay connected to their religion anywhere.

The Muslim Pro app uses your telephone’s regional services and sensors to provide accurate prayer instances and Qibla routes. Based on your region, it calculates the exact prayer times for Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib and Isha in your town. The Qibla compass uses augmented reality to point you toward the Holy Kaaba in Makkah for prayer. The app is available as a free download for Android and iOS gadgets. 

Muslim Pro Apk

An elective paid subscription unlocks extra functions like an ad-loose revel, limitless admission to the Quran translations library and improved cloud storage for bookmarks and highlights. The app includes additional widgets like an Islamic Hijri date converter, an Arabic keyboard, a Qibla compass widget and a hijab styling guide. The app settings permit you to personalize topics, languages and prayer calculation strategies.

About the Muslim Pro

Muslim Pro was released in 2009 through Singapore-primarily based cell improvement organization Bitsmedia Pte Ltd. As of 2022, it’s been downloaded over a hundred million instances internationally, making it the most famous Muslim app globally.

The app is available in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, French, Indonesian and Malay. It offers services catering to Islamic faculties of concept, including Shia and Sunni. The interface design goals are to be person-pleasant, intuitive and visually appealing.

Muslim Pro APK 2023

According to its developers, Muslim Pro’s objective is to be dependent on associates for Muslims in their ordinary lives. The app features new capabilities and upgrades regularly based on consumer comments. They recently delivered the ability to buy and present Qurbani/Udhiyah sacrifices through the app.

Features of Muslim Pro APK

Some of the targeted functions in the Muslim Pro app encompass.

Connects Muslims to their faith

Muslim Pro provides a smooth right of entry to Islamic resources like prayer times, Qibla course, Quran and dhikr – helping Muslims fulfil spiritual obligations daily. This will be their primary connection to the faith.

Features of Muslim Pro APK

Accurate prayer instances 

The app ensures Muslims pray on time by supplying accurate namaz timings based on multiple calculation methods. The adhan alarm/reminder permits punctual prayer.

Qibla path 

The augmented reality feature enables Muslims to face the Holy Kaaba precisely at some stage in prayer from anywhere in the world. This fulfils the requirement of praying in the direction of the Qibla.

Access to Quran 

The app makes reading the Quran handy via translations and transliterations. Highlighting and bookmarking functions make it smooth to revisit preferred verses. Portions may be downloaded for offline analysis.

Dhikr/Tasbih counter

Acts as a virtual tasbih for dhikr and athkar. Counters help in remembering Allah and enhance spirituality.

Muslim Pro App

Islamic calendar and occasions 

Muslims can live up to date on critical Islamic dates, activities, holidays, and fasting. It helps Muslims examine religious occasions diligently.

Halal business finder

Muslims can use the app to find nearby halal eating places, mosques, and Islamic centres. It helps keep halal nutritional needs.

Customizable capabilities

Preferences may be set for Islamic schools of concept juristic interpretations and topics. Caters to numerous Muslim sects.


Consolidates more than one Islamic desire into one smooth-to-use app. The mobility makes it convenient to apply whenever, anywhere.

Muslim Pro

Prayer Times 

It provides accurate namaz timing for your city and includes alternatives to set prayer reminders and alarms. You can customize which prayer techniques and juristic faculties of idea you need to observe.

Qibla Locator 

It uses augmented reality to point you closer to the Holy Kaaba in Makkah dynamically. It helps identify Qibla courses from everywhere around the globe.


Includes multiple Quran translations and recitations. You can bookmark verses, make notes, and spotlight your favourite ayahs.

Sehar and Iftar Times 

Get the Ramadan calendar and specific sehar/iftar timings. Set reminders for sehar iftar and tarawih prayers.

Muslim Pro App 2023

Islamic Calendar 

I digitally mapped the Islamic Hijri calendar, showing dates, Islamic activities, vacations, and fasting times.

Athkar and Tasbih counter 

Digital Tasbih for dhikr and Athkar. Counters to be had for Astaghfirullah, SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar, etc.

Halal locations listing 

Locate halal eating places, mosques and agencies for your region in the usage of the app’s halal places function.

AR Kaaba Live View 

It uses augmented truth to view the actual-time scene of Masjid Al Haram and Kaaba in Makkah.

Muslim Pro APK FAQs

Is this application explicitly made for Muslims?

This application is specifically designed for Muslims.

Does this application show the accurate timing of Namaz?

All the timings are according to your region, so it is correct.


the Muslim Pro app aims to be a complete cell solution for Muslims’ daily spiritual needs and practices worldwide. Its sizeable capabilities protecting prayers, Quran, Tasbih counters, fasting calendars, and halal directories reveal how Muslim Pro strives to fulfil its undertaking to serve the global Muslim community through a smooth-to-use and insightful app. The app’s recognition and ordinary updates illustrate its success at presenting practical generation-pushed offerings for Muslims nowadays.

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