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Little nightmares mobile apk is a popular Puzzle game based on horror themes and it is the best game for people who like horror movies and many more. For a long time, mobile APK allowed players to feel the creepy, mysterious world of play at any time and place. You become Six, the small and weak hero who wakes up in Maw – the huge dark resort that serves as a den for cruel captors.

You must rely exclusively on your cunning deception and hiding capabilities by exploring the gloomy mists, concealed corridors, strange bedrooms, crumbling repair shop’s asylum room and beyond all these monstrous shadows without letting them notice you. Your way out is not straightforward because it requires you to decipher the secrets of Six’s confinement and then plan a desperate escape with only visual storytelling through the eerily strange surroundings and music.

Little Nightmares Mobile Apk

The Android version is optimized for touch and has mobile-friendly menus and smooth tactile responsivity, as in all console iterations. It keeps each ounce of dark but beautiful artwork and eerie atmosphere that won global critical acclaim on releasing the original as a true miniature master. The visual presentation of every level evokes a Tim Burton-esque creepiness that will draw players into a skewed world turned upside down, presenting the child’s darkest fears in a formidable and ambiguous way.

About the Little Nightmares Mobile apk

With its dark and unsettling world transported to Android devices, the mobile app version of Little Nightmares mobile apk delivers a whimsical horror adventure that garnered critical praise in consoles and the desktop. In this suspenseful puzzle platformer soaked with atmospheric narration as little as six, one must rely on his wit while moving through the bizarre and terrifying maverick, trying to avoid being detected by the crazy catchers.

About the Little Nightmares Mobile apk

Made by a Swedish independent studio, Tarsier Studios, in 2017, Little Nightmare right away thanks to its uniquely designed atmosphere that featured elements of Burton’s darkest dreams and nightmares on the same level as the most awful nursery rhym Its success is evident with Little Nightmare having garnered acclaim as a wonder of immersive storytelling with no words but strictly visual and aural narration and being hailed a cult following that led to mobile adaptation in full.

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In particular, the Android release makes controls specific for touchscreens while maintaining Tarsier’s trademark macabre look. Little Nightmare is a console-quality game developed for mobile devices that has been downloaded over one million times on Google Play and awarded the best independent game at 2018’s Game Awards.

Features of Little Nightmares APK

This is a fantastic little nightmares apk that has various abilities. There are some features given below.

Little Nightmares APK

Environmental Light & Shadow Puzzles

Move around manipulating lights, shadows and perspective to pass through traps carefully interwoven even within a single room and into particular objects.

Harrowing Stealth Chase Sequences

The chase is suspense-filled as both parties think fast to hide in any location with a blend of six in the environment. A single misstep reverses power positions within moments.

Artistically Minimalist Storytelling

Only one cryptic story is told using the gloomy atmosphere metaphorical landscape and the characters’ actions without any words or dialogue.

Artistically Minimalist Storytelling

Warped Gothic Art Style

A vicious take on a fairytale, the creepy is transformed into cute with wondrous yet vile aesthetics that leave one speechless and enchanted. At least it was not as dreadful as more darling.

Intuitive touch screen

Controls that combine tilt taps, drags and swipes together with clever contextual button placement allow natural and smooth navigation specifically designed for mobile environments.

How to Download Little Nightmares Apk

  1. Follow these steps to start exploring the haunting world of Little Nightmares:

Open on a tablet or smartphone.

  1. Search for “Little Nightmares”
  2. Tap “Download”
  3. Open the downloaded Little Nightmares application on your home screen.
  4. Grant the required permissions
  5. Tap through the brief tutorial
  6. Control Six and start exploring the Maw.

Little Nightmares APK FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

Yes, This Application works on Android Devices

How can I download this Application?

You can download this Application by following the steps above.


Little Nightmares mobile apk app is truly an unparalleled success that is unique and brings together a captivating and hauntingly evocative space that sees a little girl leading the player on her journey through her waking nightmares. Tarsier Studio shows exceptional narrative skills through atmospheric sound and alarming vision. Now, it has been tailored to the Android platform. Start the download if you believe you have or you have enough brains and nerve-unnoticed.

Download Little Nightmares Mobile Apk v104 Download for Android

Download (1.1GB)

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