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Ramailo apk is a Napolian video-sharing application with various capabilities, such as creating short videos to gain likes and popularity. It is Nepal’s most popular video-sharing application, with multiple features that make it even more fun. So, you have to download this application to enjoy unlimited sharing. You will be able to control everything in this application. The Ramailo app apk is a homegrown video-sharing and social networking platform launched in Nepal as an opportunity to fill the void left by banned apps like TikTok and developed via Nepali tech startup Ideajar Digital Pvt. Ltd.


Ramailo offers a characteristic-rich, community-centric platform for customers to express themselves and connect through brief movies. Its launch signifies Nepal’s push toward cultivating domestic virtual solutions that serve its citizens’ particular desires and values. Ramailo allows customers to create, upload, and proportion quick videos. Critical features like feedback, likes, profiles, hashtags, and discovery feeds foster engagement like TikTok. 

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Its goal is to domesticate a uniquely Nepali social video network. Ramailo is a video-sharing and social media app made for the Nepali community as an opportunity for TikTok. It was developed by the Nepali corporation Ideajar Digital Pvt. Ltd. after TikTok became banned in Nepal. After international apps like TikTok faced authority bans, Ramailo emerged as a regionally advanced platform catering to cultural relevance. It affords a supportive area for Nepali users to share stories through films.

About the Ramailo

Ramailo is a socio-video platform where people can make funny shorts and videos, edit them, upload them, and connect with Nepali communities. It has engagement features like TikTok, such as reactions, comments, duets, etc. The Discovery page allows users to develop a follower base and access viral content, including comedy, talent and more.

About the Ramailo

The app known as Ramailo emerged and sought to fill a gap that other applications such as TikTok, Hilo, and Vigo Video had created. These other applications had sometimes been banned, with the Nepalese authorities raising worries bordering on the probable loss of private information. The growing number of mobile-friendly internet users gave domestic startups such as Ideajar opportunities to provide culturally focused applications developed in Nepal.

Through a set of features informed by users’ preferences and coupled with the sensitivity towards local language and contextual issues, Ramailo paves the way for Nepali digital entrepreneurship. Ramailo symbolizes the emergence of “vocal for local” in digital innovation within South Asian countries.

Features of Ramailo APK

This amazing Ramailo Apk has features such as.

Localized Experience

Aimed at Nepali users who have yet to come to terms with TikTok’s exit, it offers culturally appropriate features, interface, and content. Ramailo provides that feeling of being at home in terms of language support to topical videos;

Made in Nepal

Ramailo is thus a local homebred platform conceptualized and developed for the Nepali internet space.

Feature Rich

It has an array of innovative core offerings, including video content, commentary, profiles, feed discovery, and others that rival restricted software offerings.

Revenue for Creators: Ramailo strives to motivate creators by dividing payments from ads and sponsors to encourage quality content. 

Privacy and Security

It provides “better data security” by using local servers and bypassing regulatory issues facing “foreign apps.”

Video Creation

It gives straightforward access to video editing software with filters and makes 15-second to 3-minute short videos for mobile viewing.


Like-minded Nepali users are encouraged to interconnect based on shareable comments and reactive elements.

Profiles and Personalization

Users may also tailor personalized public pages, follow other users, select the content they want to view in order or restrict the visibility of details such as location, among other things.

Features of Ramailo APK


A Discovery feed that presents the platform’s algorithmically selected trending and relevant videos under various hashtags and topics for watching is recommended.


Allows digital giving and tipping for creators. Expect more money through adverts and sponsors in the future.


Restrictions and community moderation of unwanted activities. Complies with local IT rules.

Ramailo APK FAQs

Is this Ramailo Apk secure?

You can use this application without facing any problems.

Does this application have the ability to share files in any Format?

You will be able to share any format using this application.


The release of Made-in-Nepal social media apps like Ramailo, pushed by domestic startups catering to local digital customers, highlights an encouraging shift. It demonstrates Nepal’s progress in nurturing homegrown digital platforms that can compete internationally while addressing neighborhood consumer priorities and coverage concerns.

Download Ramailo APK v1.0.34 (Multi-Language) for Android

Download (390MB)

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