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Hollow Knight Apk is a well-liked 2D action game made by Team Cherry. First, it came out in 2017, and then it went to other places like Android phones. This well-liked independent game puts players in the big, mysterious world of Hallownest to fight against bad guys. They also find secret things and learn about the kingdom’s history. It’s played in 2D from the side view. You play a knight without a name. 

With its beautiful hand-drawn art style, hard soul-like fights and exploration like Metroidvania games. The game takes you into its destroyed places without letting go. The Android version lets you play the whole experience on mobile and anywhere. The app is a game about action and adventure with bits of Metroidvania. 

Hollow Knight

The Knight gets new moving ways, like jumping off walls and swimming. This helps him reach places he couldn’t before. GPS tools show where you’ve been. You gather money to buy stuff for your character by beating up bad guys and bosses. The complex places have secrets that make exploring them worthwhile. They go through the ruins of Hallownest, beating bad guys with their nails, moving fast to avoid attacks and solving problems or traps.

About the Hollow Knight

The scary world of Hollow Knight is a whole of life and death. The land of bugs and animals is now in a bad state with the good guys and bad people gone. Go deep into it for a reason that’s not clear. Secrets hidden in the dark want to be found out.

Hollow Knight

Fighting tests your quickness with challenging enemy designs to understand. Big fights against the boss show up on your trip, checking how tough you are in battles till death. Adjust your setup by adding charms that change your stats and skills. This extensive system lets you change gameplay to your way.

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Hollow Knight mixes action and adventure. It gets that nice balance between fighting, exploring and finding new things. At every turn, there’s a new challenge or strange situation. Games lovers on PC and consoles fell in love with this great indie game. Now, Android users can feel the dark beauty of Hallownest while moving.

Key Features of Hollow Knight APK

  • It is a big, connected world with a lot of growth.
  • Brutal fights and giant boss battles.
  • Customization through charms and upgrades
  • Hand-drawn 2D art style
  • Haunting emotive score
  • Full of secrets and topics about falls.

Features of Hollow Knight APK

It is one of the most famous Hollow Knight Apk nowadays as it is enjoyable and easily accessible. And you will be the one to use it without any problem. So make sure to have fun with the help of this application, which includes many features.

Fluid Combat

The fighting in the game starts easy but gets very complex. The more challenging parts need real skill to beat them. Every enemy has ways they attack to understand. You cut fix yourself up quickly and run while fighting back accurately. Big bosses give intense challenges, ending in enjoyable victories.

Interconnected World

Hallownest has a map that is highly connected. You can only go to new areas when you learn how to move differently. Use lifts open doors and push buttons – these shortcuts will give you a prize for exploring. The world’s design is genius.

Build Customization

The game has a charm system that lets you change your character build. Combine and use charms like getting more energy from hits or improving your healing powers. Make your build fit into how you play.

Pros and Cons of Hollow Knight APK


It’s a vast, expertly designed world—challenging, rewarding gameplay. There are tons of customization options. Beautiful art direction and score. Great for playing anywhere, anytime.


Story and lore can be vague—performance issues on some devices. Completion requires significant time investment. It can be challenging for gamers who are not so good.

How to Download Hollow Knight APK

  1. Launch the browser on your Android Mobile Phone.
  2. Open the famous website named Apkpurew.com
  3. Search for Hollow Knight
  4. Click on the game option.
  5. Tap Download
  6. After you install it, tap Open to begin having fun.

Hollow Knight APK FAQs

What is the easiest way to use Hollow Knight APK?

By following the instructions given in the application.

Does this application harm my phone?

No, It cannot harm your mobile phone in any way.


For nothing, Hollow Knight gives a fantastic adventure full of secrets. It’s cheaper than most lunch outings. This big-winning game will make your phone fun to play with many challenges and mysteries for many hours. Get the game now to dive into Hallownest and find the sad loveliness hidden in its broken parts. Just mind the beasts.

Download Hollow Knight APK v20.01.2024 (Mobile Game) for Android

Download (930MB)

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