Chicken Gun Mod APK 4.0.2 (Unlimited money, Mega menu)

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The game is a funny physics-based title where you use a considerable chicken gun Mod Apk, to take over the world. Use Mechanics to break structures into pieces in a creative way. The silly plot is where the slapstick and comic scenes are. Cartoons and music make them much more entertaining.

The sport relies on realistic realistic phyenablesbe precise while aiming shots. Chickens shake uncontrollably in a ragdoll-style manner when thrown forward. More than 50 levels are available, with progressively harder demolition of structures needing skill. It is a foul physics puzzle with chicken victims—various breakable-level constructions.

Chicken Gun

Chicken Gun is simple and entertaining with its absurd idea of easy-to-use one-touch control and a hard-level design. It does give a lot of fun once it is mastered. Explore your inner wildness of doing the things you couldn’t do before, like throwing down the farm birds to cause destruction. A simple-touch firing system for the cannon is used.

About the Chicken Gun

The local mayor has appointed you responsible for the Chicken Gun for the town’s public works demolition projects. One by one, try to shoot chickens from the cannon so that they will reach the specified bullseye marked in red on the destructible structure.

Chicken Gun

Press and drag the cannon to particular angles and bullet strength and then hit the big red button for the chickens flocking to be shot. Repeat the blasts until the structural integrity reaches zero percent to pass the current level and proceed to the next mission.

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The targets get harder along the Space Jam 2 path, with over 50 missions in 4 zones. Please take advantage of TNT crates, anvils and tools we are given to find the most destructive way to use them. Use side mission to shoot other funny objects such as dustbins, bins and bushes.

Features of the Chicken Gun Mod APK

This is a fantastic Chicken Gun Mod APK with various capabilities, so feel free to use this application anytime.


Physics-Based Destruction

Chicken and debris bounce around as they hit the ground, creating realistic crashes that are exciting to watch. In slow-motion mode, everything looks like slow chaos.

Item Interactions

Use game objects such as TNT crates, freeze rays, anvils and chickens that you can use to create creative catastrophes.

Level Editor

Construct and share your stages of demolition by strategically placing items and then blasting them using chicken throws.

Alternate Modes

Enter into silly side quests such as chickens, bowling, basketball hoops, firing ranges, and other crazy mini-games.

Social Sharing

Share your vision on the craziest structural destruction clips and highest scores with your friends via social media.

Diverse Target Structures

Smash apart buildings, vehicles, bridges and other types of targets with individually different physics behaviors.

Smashable Objects

Tip over destroy and have fun with ragdoll physics, which realistically simulates lamps, furniture statues, and other deco items.

Physics Manipulators

Equipment such as zero gravity compartments, portals, explosives and springs are just some elements that can be used to immerse yourself in the game.

Secret Levels

Find secret stages equipped with targets the size of a pirate ship and a chicken with a ready-to-be-cracked head.

How to Download Chicken Gun Mod APK

  1. Open the Browser on your Phone and Go to
  2. After Opening a Search for chicken gun mod apk
  3. Select the version you like to download
  4. Now click on download to download the application
  5. All the now enjoy the app

Chicken Gun Game FAQs

Does this application work on Android?

It does work on Android.

How can I download the application?

By following the steps given above.


Chicken Gun’s quirky idea and good execution ensure it’s more than just another game on the market. Fans of funny games with the physical system the destruction and the crazy action should have a good time just making our chickens hit the objects. Try out this cannon simulator even if you are not sure it will be fun.

Download Chicken Gun Mod APK 4.0.2 (Unlimited money, Mega menu)

Download (190MB)

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